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7 Weeks post total hip replacement- struggling!


I have been doing really well in my rehab, finding my hip is actually better than my poor knees. I had an x-ray on my left knee as it has been so sore. The good news is that the OA has not deteriorated in the last 2 years, which means the pain is more likely to be from over-using it when both my right hip and right knee were a problem added to a fall I had on the knee 3 months ago ( the skin there is still numb).On Friday, I felt that nearly all my muscles were sore and wondered if I was flaring. I have taken it easy for the last 2 days and the pain is easing but still there- neck and shoulders, thighs,lower back , pelvis and both thumbs. My sleep has been disturbed by all this too which is usually a sign of a flare.It was the latter that made me think this might all be a result of my doing more- this was the first week I was back driving and so I did a lot more than in previous weeks. Also on Wednesday evening, I stood on my crutches on a steep slope for a couple of hours. That could account for a lot, especially my thumbs being sore! ( I do have OA in my hands too).

Luckily, I am seeing the physio on Wednesday and the Rheumy on Friday, so will hopefully be clearer. If it is a flare then Rheumy can give me a depo shot as it is my daughter's wedding on Saturday week and I am going to need all my strength for that!

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Hi Suzy you are doing really well with the hip replacement. Try not to rush it. Bound to be other leg compensation while your hip recovers the muscle. Standing still for 2 hours does't seem a good idea in my experience of the hip op! I didn't have PMR/GCA at the time either! Hope that helps.ATB

Wishing you well and sorted for the wedding. I am glad to hear the hip is doing well so now the rest of the body parts can recover. Hoping for good Drs visits for you 🌸

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi Suzy,

Know where you’re coming from - my recovery seems to have stalled a bit as well. Nothing significant, but just feel as if I’m treading water literally and metaphorically! As you say, doesn’t help with other places having OA as well.

Doesn’t help it was 5 years yesterday hubby died, always feel a bit down around this time. But onward and upward.

Went to Pilates last week (with physio’s approval) but not sure it was my wisest move! Trouble you seem to damned if you do and damned if you don’t!

Perhaps we’re both expecting too much too soon - well it’s in our nature or we wouldn’t be on here!

Have a restful week this week so you can enjoy wedding! 🌷

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And I bet those years seem like no time. Anniversaries are difficult, but I'm sure he's with you daily in many ways DorsetLady. Like you say, onward and...

PMRCanada in reply to DorsetLady

Healing of our body, mind, spirit is unique to us, each of our journeys are different. I have two chronically injured knees with each their own challenges, and I anticipate the surgeon telling me a different treatment plan for each knee. We all have different needs based on our presesenting issues, even within a large group of people such as this forum focused on PMR. Healing journeys are diverse as fingerprints. I so appreciate everyone who shared their unique, personal experience, I have learned so much from you all.

Somehow I made it through my dad dying of cancer (5 flights to a different province over 9 months), going through a separation after 26 years of marriage, and my employer restructuring and letting me go all within the same year. I had a good lawyer, therapist, friends, and other resources.

But the PMR has really knocked me for a loop. I have no control over it and that is tough for me to swallow only 3.5 months since diagnosis (9 months since symptoms emerged). This is not the retirement my husband and I planned, and most times I feel like a 56 year old woman trapped in a much older body with damaged knees. My resilience is being tested with this condition.

And speaking of resilience DorsetLady, my heart goes out to you as memories of your loved one and your loss, emerge this time of year. Endings are difficult and so is facing the challenges of these conditions without a partner. Thinking of you and wishing you comfort and healing, and continued strength moving forward. Funny....at work I often used to end correspondence with “onwards and upwards”.

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer in reply to PMRCanada

Thank you

Thank you! All good wishes to you too for your recovery. I am impressed that you went to pilates!

8 weeks after my right hip total replacement in mid May 2018 I felt I wanted to "walk free" and no pain in right hip at all. My PRR after 3+ years seemed to like the enforced rest too and I was very very slowly reducing....now down to 3.5 per day of Prednisolone. The demand on my damaged by OA left hip to keep up was too much and it collapsed under me all the time. So back on 2 crutches, then a wheelchair and mobility scooter. Then good news just today a date for my left hip replacement has been set for early October. Yippee!

Keep up the Physio exercises and listen to your body.


That is good news! You have been through the mill.

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