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PMR and Total Hip Replacement


First I am so grateful for this site and read it every day thank you so much to all the contributors❤️

I was diagnosed with PMR Match 2015 and have reduced to 5 mg before my surgery July 2016. My question is does it take longer to recover from the surgery I am doing the recommended exercises and walking short distances (15-20 minutes without support but longer walks with a cane) I feel pretty exhausted throughout the day.

Has any one had a hip replacement and how was there Recovery? I don't want to over or under do strengthening work.

With graditute

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Hi - I had one hip replaced in Nov 14 and the other in March15. I was fairly ok after 8 weeks, and gradually building up my walking - had got to about two miles on the flat - then in both cases I developed bursitis, and after steroid injections am still unable to walk more than two miles because of the pain. I sincerely hope it doesn't happen to you as it's so disappointing. Keep up your exercise but don't over-do it!

Zany in reply to venezia1

I am so sorry to hear that your hip replacements have caused you so much discomfort. Are you still struggling with pmr and do you or your surgeons think it contributed to your disappointing results? Are they looking into how might be resolved?

Sending healing energy

venezia1 in reply to Zany

I should have said - I don't have PMR, I have RA and GCA. I'm about to have a second round of steroid injections (on top of my daily steroids!) But the consultant thinks I'll need more surgery, though it's only 70 percent successful....fingers crossed!

I had a hip replacement op in February 2015 (on 10mg of Pred) and have done really well. I did find the recovery time to be longer than most of the examples/advice given, but I was rather expecting it anyway. I did the same thing, lots of little walks and exercises. However, I use a walker anyway due to complications with another medical problem, so can't really compare.

But I liked it so much that I had a knee replacement in May this year - and that is doing well too!

Glad to hear you feel the replacement was a success albeit a touch slower than what is reported. I guess I have been wodering what kind of an impact PMR would have on recovery period and what kind of allowances and adjustments to make to the recommended program.

I am getting another opportunity to practise patience. 🙏

Hi..I have PMR and had a hip replacement on 4th.Aug...I am making steady progress but find I am hindered by stiffness and pain in my arms and neck in the morning, sometimes I don't have the energy to do the exercises or go for walks. I don't know if I am making the same progress as those without PMR but that doesn't bother me, as long as I feel I am making progress.

Good luck with your recovery.

PMRproAmbassador in reply to Jeanjean16

Have you tried taking your pred really early in the morning, a couple of hours before you get up? That would probably help your morning problems - lots of people take their pred early and then settle down for another couple of hours - the pred is working by the time they get up.

Jeanjean16 in reply to PMRpro

Thanks for that...I will try it tomorrow....

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