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I want to help my daughter


My daughter has many illnesses and physical problems that no one can seem to diagnose for her. One of them is her sensitivity to perfumes, colognes, air fresheners, hair sprays, etc. Can anyone help explain why? She also has high sensitivity to air conditioning and forced air in the malls or in cars. They dry out her eyes immediately. Her vision is -20 meaning she is legally blind. This girl is the greatest kid in the world, always has been. She doesn't even take aspirin, ibuprofen, is vegan and only eats organic, and truly wants to teach everyone to live a sustainable lifestyle.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions or ideas I can share with her? I have attached a recent picture of her so you all can see this beautiful and kind young woman.

Thank you,


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She is indeed a beautiful girl. I am doubtful that you will find the kind of expertise you are looking for on this site as it deals with PMR and GCA which has specific symptoms none of which your daughter seems to share. I would be looking for an allergy specialist. Good luck, it must be distressing to see her suffer in this way.


She is beautiful - and no doubt a beautiful person too. But as SheffieldJane says I doubt any of us can help as we are all old enough to be her gran and probaly your mother - and the disorder we have is reserved for oldies over 50 (so the doctors tell us anyway).

It is obviously some form of immune system problem but we're no experts. Good luck in your search.

Amber1414 in reply to PMRpro

Thanks! I understand. I have had PMR for over 3 years now and am 61. They've tested her for everything and we assume it's an autoimmune disease of some kind.

She is the proverbial canary in the coal mine, basically sensitive to the chemicals in modern life. Forced air in cars and malls may even be contaminated by micro-organisms which affect many of us but especially those who are more sensitive. If you can find a doctor who specializes in chemical sensitivities you should be able to get some advice about what can be done.

I am not at all as sensitive as your daughter but I can tell you that artificial perfumes give me nearly instant headaches. Walking past a house where someone is drying clothes with dryer sheets for example I feel like I'm being poisoned. It's very difficult to avoid these chemicals but where possible she should. At the very least you may be able to create a home which is a safe haven. Specialists can explain how to do this.

There might be some leads in this website:



I have sensitivities too and know to avoid certain things but I'm not as bad as your daughter, she needs to see a specialist and I hope she gets some help soon. Your daughter has a natural beauty.

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