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Stress I can do without


After OH's stroke in April we decided to change the bath for a walk-in shower. Got a quote from a local firm but they were busy until August. Saw an advert for a National Company who were a Which? trusted trader, so got a quote from them. It was a LOT more expensive but they could start in 2 weeks and it would take 5 days to install.

We chose the shower enclosure and said we wanted an electric shower again to replace the old one we had over the bath. We also wanted the basin and vanity unit replaced as the basin was the wrong colour, and the unit was an old kitchen one.

All went well until the shower was fitted and didn't work. Turned out to be an electronic mixer shower (hot and cold supply that doesn't heat the water), and not an electric shower ( that heats cold water as you need it).

Discussions ensued with the company who insisted we had got an electric shower and that was what we had signed for!

They wanted to fit a pump on the hot tank to increase the water pressure so the shower would work, but we refused that as we would have to have a tank full of hot water every time we wanted to use the shower.

Time was passing, 3 weeks without a shower in this heat. Then they said if we wanted it changed to an electric shower we would have to pay half the cost of re-fitting £500! I said I just wanted what I had signed for on the contract and I was not happy about paying more.

They sent me a form to sign headed "Variation to contract" to say I would pay the £500. I haven't signed it yet and have taken legal advice, the solicitor told me not to sign it as in the "Conditions of Sale" in the small print on the contract it states that "You will not be charged to rectify any defect caused by us". I think the shower not working is a major defect in a shower. Then the company sent a fitter to replace the shower. I am now waiting for the grab rail I ordered (they supplied a different one) and the bracing bar to connect the shower screen to the wall as it wobbles at the moment and I am worried that if we fall against it it will collapse. When they have supplied what I signed for I will tell them I am not paying any more money and see what happens then. It was 4 weeks without a bath or shower which I reckon should be grounds for compensation.

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It's infuriating isn't it! I suspect many of these cowboys only do this sort of work so they can fleece the older customers who need it done for health reasons. TBH, it always worries me when these companies can start work immediately. Like getting an appointment on the day at the GP practice - the one no-one wants to see...

Sounds like someone doesn't know what they are doing - and they were Which recommended!

You need to put that right, do a review when the time is right, and I hope you get the shower working PDQ. Tell them you'll get someone else to do the work if it's too difficult for them and you'll send them the bill! ATB

DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Yes absolutely! This time the small print works in your favour! If you didn’t get what you asked for, it’s their responsibility to put it right!

I did a stint as a contracts officer in my time time, so stick to your guns, ’cause sure as eggs is eggs they’ll try and wriggle out!

I appreciate you don’t need the hassle at the moment, but if you have the energy, and as they are a national company write a letter to the head honcho- marked PERSONAL (you can find info on their web site) stating your case and say you are going to send a copy to Which and the relevant trade association.

That will get them moving!

🤯 The worst kind of stress when the solution becomes the problem, only much worse. I still twitch from a bathroom fiasco years ago. Stand your ground!

The challenges never stop coming!

Best wishes for a quick resolution...these types of issues can scramble our efforts to manage stress.


Kind regards, Jerri

I hope everything works out OK for you ,definitely inform Which and the relevent trade association,this is very stressful for you ,and it could not be at a worse time,the weather being so hot.Best wishes ,Patricia.

If they are a Which recommendation. I’m presuming this is the consumer magazine. Contact the magazine.

Seem to remember the same problem being posted about a month ago. Maybe the same firm. Not sure what resolution evolved for them! You're in the right as DL says. ATB

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