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Synthacthen results


I finally had a response from my rheumie.

My cortisol level continues to be low and I should be hearing from the endocrinology department for help and advice. I am to continue with 2mls or increase if I do run into trouble. My gp may give me some Hydrocortisone for any infection.

At the moment my legs feel heavy , my feet ache and my wrists are so painful. My upper body is ok.

I've become so grumpy and snappy with everyone. I left my daughter's house early because we were falling out . She said I was upsetting her and we are are usually the best of friends. She has a five year old son who's autistic and a three old old daughter and I just couldn't cope.

Sorry it's such a long read xx

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I'm so sorry you're feeling low. It's hard to absorb health news and harder to wait for the instructions of what to do. When the doctor calleds tell him how you're feeling, maybe you need a bit more. Tell your daughter you just need a bit of time. I'm sure she'll understand.

Oh I feel so sorry for you!! These awful rows we fall into because we feel so terrible and then we are upset for ages afterwards, been there! Am there!

Especially with your daughter, I bet that you are normally her rock and the only one who understands at a visceral level what she’s up against. Painful 😖.

I suspect that tests may show that I have this deficiency too - I really recognise how you feel.

I hope you and your daughter can reach a place of mutual understanding soon. The stress will do neither of you any good at all. Is there a Grandad who can step in/ mediate take them to the park?

Let us know how you get on.💐

I know what it's like. My OH is pretty good, but sometimes I explode, and I am famously patient normally. Afterwards I wonder "Where the heck did that come from and why!" He's left bewildered and retreats to his den!


Since you have a result - I would try 5mg. Some doctors use hydrocortisone for poor adrenal function but others use pred - and using pred makes more sense if you need it for PMR too. And at a guess - you are also on slightly too low a dose for the PMR. That's why you ache...

Low adrenal function is a serious problem medically speaking - you cannot respond to stress, and you were stressed.

Annimac in reply to PMRpro

Thank you PMRpro I spoke to a new doctor at the practice. I'm now taking 5 mg and feeling so much better. Still nothing from the hospital but my daughter says we didn't even fall out. All in my mind x

Oh thats so sad. Its so easy to say the wrong thing when youf feel so bad. Hopefully the new med will kick in and get things sorted.

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