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Plaquenil and Pred for PMR and RA


Hi all

Has anyone taken plaquenil and Pred to help reduce RA damage . I am new to all of this 2 mos now. As the tests are coming in it appears as though I have all 3 problems going on. OA.. RA some but not obvious yet. And PMR for sure. Rheum wants to see feet and toe X-rays as he says that often shows damage where other body parts show ok.I did pop positive in Ccp for RA. I’m on 10 I’d Pred with cont pain in am but does get better throughout the day. I was a very fast paced person pre illness with a busy job working lots of long hours. Not now. Off of work and each day trying to figure this out. He says Plaquenil may help me from further RA damage but I sure hate to take another Med unless I really need it. My fingers are quite swollen and knees hurt so he thinks it is RA with Pos Ccp. Thank you all!

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DorsetLadyPMRGCAuk volunteer

Hi Leila,

Forgot to say in PM, might be worth posting this on NRAS site as well. was trying to do a link, but it doesn't want to go into My Hub (top of screen - browse other Communities) - find NRAS and then post there as well.

Good luck

Ok thanks much!

I did some research on Plaquenil when my rheumy thought it would be a good idea to reduce pred more quickly. (I did not take it.)

One thing I read about it was that over the long haul, it can have a negative effect on sight, and it was recommended to see an opthamologist either before or soon after starting, and to continue to see an opthamologist at least once a year afterward. Not an optician or optometrist, because they don't have the same diagnostic equipment. An opthamologist.

Wishing you the best...

Leilagirl in reply to GOOD_GRIEF

Thank you


If he thinks you have RA - what makes him so sure that the "PMR" is separate? Late onset RA and PMR can be identical in the early stages.

However - if RA is in the mix then you really should consider adding something to the pred. If there is no joint damage at present, the DMARD will reduce the risk of that happening, if some is to be found, then you definitely need something to stop it progressing. Pred can manage the inflammation - it doesn't stop the disease progression.


My Rheumatologist thinks I have PMR and RA and has me on Prednisone and MTX and hydroxychloriquine and sulphasalazine - I rattle with all the pills but not a lot of relief as too early yet- I had to increase Prednisone as CRP went up to 14 over Easter- maybe fine dining and too much red wine 🍷 👍😊 sore but coping

Thank you. I would love to know your progress. Keep moving gently of course!

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