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Would anyone in Nottinghamshire be interested in forming a support group?

Hello to anyone in Nottinghamshire. I am very new to this site, but have learned so much in just the last few days, and so appreciated answers to a posting I put up. I wonder if anyone in Nottinghamshire would be interested in joining me to start a support group? I understand there are about 8 of us in this area. I wondered if Sherwood in Nottingham might be quite a central place. My email is bridget@towning.org.uk if anyone wants to contact me direct.

Best wishes


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I would remove your e mail address and ask anyone interested to message you privately .


All the very best with your endeavour - but please, take out your personal email address from the post. You could set up a separate account for the group when it gets going but it isn't a good idea to advertise your address on social media.


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