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UPDATE ON tingling in legs and arms

First a question regarding this site.. is there a way to update a post that was already made? For example: 11 days ago I posted about tingling in my legs and arms. I would have liked to be able to find that post and add my update to it. Is that possible?

Now to my update on the post. Saw my GP Monday he said I was out of alignment, which I agree with, and did some adjustments. I do feel somewhat better, but it has not taken away all the tingling and burning pain and other symptoms I described. No xrays as I felt maybe the adjustments would help.

In the interim I was told by the Rheumy's assistant that my dexa scan showed osteopenia in both hips. She did not me me a number, but I will get a copy of the report at my next visit. When I told the GP, he said yes that is to be expected as I age.

I see my rheumy on the 25th and hope to get additional answers from him.

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you can find your old posts. Go to your profile which you will find by clicking on the icon to the right of the bar above, in your case a little face with a pink circle. Then you can edit your post.


I did do that but I didnt know where to type. I will try again after the appt with my Rheumy. Thank you!


Hi Sunny, you can update your post by pressing on the arrow at the bottom of your post on the right hand side. It allows you to edit.



You can edit your original post, but it’s probably best to raise a new one. That way everyone gets notified, whereas if you just update existing, unless we have selected to “follow” it, we won’t know.

Just head it up like you have this, and then if they wish people can refer back it, or do a link yourself.


Ok great! Thank you!


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