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Eat an apple

Well I have been to my new Rhuemetologist and it was as expected. He gave me a really fast every two weeks go down 2.5 mg. Well I am not doing the full 2.5 and going a tad slower.

Here are two things POSITIVE about appt. He gave me a standing lab order for crp once a week if I feel the need. BUT I am having a flare up of plantar fasciitis so it will not be very accurate. ALSO he told me to eat an apple a day to see if I have jaw pain starting.

Funny but it settles my nerves with this apple 🍎 thing because my jaw is fine thus far.

I have gone from 20 mgs and now am at 13.75mgs. I get that by breaking my 2.5 in half. So went down to 17.5 mgs then 16 plus then 15 now at 13.75 mgs.

So far 😊 so good. This will be my third attempt to get to 10 which is about where I crash and burn. I do fine from 20 on down once I get the flair to settle.

So, I have no clue as to how much inflammation I will show with plantar fasciitis......which also seems to be helped by prednisone.....

Was laughing with a friend because laughter is good and we were discussing how much pain is the prednisone covering. Because once I am off this miracle yet devastating drug will I find all the pains it covered. Ok you have to laugh at that image because frankly I look horrid when I 😭.

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Could you not do a slower taper

Can you get 1 mg Preds ?

I find that i can only reduce by ,5 at a time on the dead slow method ,I hade a flare at 8 mg in June last year and am only just managed to get down to 8,5.

Agree about laughing

My son went to Post office on Sat to collect parcel he was a long time so i sent him a text asking if he got lost .He phoned back saying he lost the card to collect it ,he never took it as it was still on the table he came in laughing saying is that's what its like for you i do sympathise we both creased up .


Yes I can get 1 mgs or at least I think so. My GP had given me some. I had asked my new Rhuemetologist but he just shushed it aside and said he was giving me 5's - 2.5.

So far I am going slower than he asked but still tapering faster than normal for me.

He is very concerned about all the side effects I have and wants me off prednisone and so does I.

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"He is very concerned about all the side effects I have and wants me off prednisone and so does I."

I'm sure he does and so do you - so do we all. However, if reducing fast bring back the symptoms - what then?

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I will see him on Wednesday and see how he is with the slow method. I won't go lower if I have any symptoms.




Good Luck


You are dealing with someone who has no idea you will feel lots of pain.


I seem to remember you being on this route before Lin-calif where they wanted you off pred quite quickly and it caused problems. Take care and listen to your body.


Yes indeed, I am the example of what you don't want to do.

First time doc wanted me to go fast .......then my excitement on feeling so good was second error in judgement.... now new Rhuemetologist and he is older and past retirement I am thinking so hope old dogs can learn new tricks.


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