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Pins n needles

Regarding question on pins n needles I was admitted to QE hospital in gateshead with severe pins n needles due to dangerously low calcium low magnesium n low iron readings put on drip for a good few hours cured pins n needles but esr was 125 started on prednisone 30 mgs down to 20 when released from hospital now on 3 mgs 21 months later but gone back to 5 today to get rid of morning pains hopefully I am 66 year old man

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You are a member of the NE PMRGCA group that meets in Gateshead I assume?


Yes ive been once


Yes I was at the last one


Thanks for that. I was going to buy magnesium then I looked at calcium I had stopped taking cos like horse pills and they had mag and zinc in too. Needless to say taking it again.


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