Going on Holiday n really worried

I am going to be on a flight that is almost 4 hours. I am on 20 mgs back up from the 7mgs due to a flare up. At present I am tapering on dead slow plan to 17.5 and wonder if I should stay on the 20 mgs until I get back on the 4th. It is a 7 day holiday my friend invited me on and I get my own room and bath. It is her time share and it is use it or lose it so I feel very blessed she asked me.

I am having little nigglings right temple and occasional jaw pain. Will the pressure in airplane cause problems.

I have had my third dose of 17.5 this morning and am scheduled to have 4th on Saturday.

I see my GP on Friday before I leave.

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  • Hi Lin-calif, I remember us talking about your holiday, and that I had canceled mine. I'm sorry I can't comment on anything because I've never experienced the same situation. Talking to your doctor certainly is the best thing to do. You must be stressed which isn't helping the situation. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and hoping for the best possible outcome xx

  • Hi. Couple of months ago I went to France on holiday. The flight was only 2 hours. I decided to put my tapering (dead slow) on hold and just stick to 5mg for the whole duration of the holiday before attempting the 4mg drop. All was fine. I didn't want to risk a withdrawal or flare while away. I did take extra supplies just in case I flared, but I didn't need them. Talk to your GP and have a fabulous holiday.

  • Hi Lin-calif,

    I did a long haul flight to Australia and back before diagnosis and was unexpectedly and embarrassingly sick on the outward journey, so I would always be prepared for that eventuality, especially with a change of top. This didn't happen on the way back ( I hardly ate). (23 hours)I was nervous about a subsequent flight to Spain but found that I was fine if I got up and moved around a bit and kept hydrated. In fact I didn't get painful ears like usual ( on Pred.) If you are successfully on 17.5 I would stop there until you get back from holiday. Obviously take medical advice and above all relax and enjoy your holiday, pacing yourself and not over doing it. I hope you have a lovely time!

    My diagnosis is PMR but additional head and eye pain is making me fear that GCA might be around.

  • Hi Lin-Calif

    I've just come back from a weeks holiday in France. I was due to come down on the pred from 19mg to 18mg but I postponed it for a couple of weeks. I wanted to feel well for the travelling and also for the holiday. I think I did get a bit anxious before about how I'd cope with taxis, queuing, walking from one place to other, flight etc but all was fine. I did try to rest beforehand and I'm now trying to rest having just come back. This has involved cancelling a few things before and after holiday which didn't go down too well with folk involved.

    I'm beginning though to feel that we have to really take control and look after ourselves, pacing our activities and realising our limitations, regardless of whether other folk really understand or not. I think I would bear that in mind with your friend. That perhaps you could explain to her your limitations that you might have on your on holiday - you could perhaps show her Kate Gilbert's book or the literature "You are not alone" so you don't feel under pressure for the journey or the holiday.

    Feeling pressure to be or act "normal" only adds to the stress I believe and that doesn't help the PMR!

    You might want to delay the taper, one or two weeks in the scheme of things won't make that much difference but could make a difference in how you feel for your holiday.

    I hope you will feel able to make the right decisions, make them one at a time, and if you do go on holiday - have a wonderful time!


  • I'm not an expert, but from all I've read. See the GP ensure you put over the Temple & Jaw pain GCA could be causing this. A minimum would be to stay on 20mg, but ensure you have extra stock to increase to 60mg a day, need to know how to handle a flare. This might cause an issue with you holiday insurance, need to check that after seeing the Dr.

    Life has to go on, hope you manage to get away, just ensure you've fully prepared. All the best.

  • Hi Lin-calif,

    I've done quite a few short haul (upto 3hrs) and 2 long haul (2 x 12hs) UK-NZ return with no problems, albeit at slightly lower doses than you're on. No problems whatsoever even with the time differences in the long haul flights.

    Would suggest might be an idea to return to 20mg until your holiday is over, no point in putting yourself under extra stress, and it's only delaying your reduction by a little while.

    As for your holiday just ensure you have a good supply of Pred, a copy of your prescription, let your travel insurers know you have PMR GCA. Get assistance at the airport if you need it, it always seems a long walk whatever flight you're on, internal or international!

    Plus, most importantly - don't worry about things and enjoy yourself!

  • Personally I would stay on the 20mg until after the holiday. I really take things easy before any travelling or any special activity even going out to dinner. Good luck and hope your GP says everything is OK.

  • Thank you all for your advice. It means a lot to me to know we have each other to bounce things off. I have decided to stay on the 20 until I get home no reason to tempt a flare.

    I will update you all when I get home.


  • Good idea - never reduce when doing something stressful. Travelling is stressful!

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