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Reduction of Prednisone

following up on my recent post where my rheumy wanted me to reduce from 7.5 mg to 6 mg. I tried 6 mg for 3 days. By the 3rd evening my pain started to return along with the tightening of the neck muscles, shoulders and hips. I took 2.5 mg and went to bed. I did wake up in the night a couple of times (I expected it), but the pain was gone.

So I have decided to reduce by .5 mg to 7 mg for the remaining of Dec. The trying to go to 6.5 mg for January and 6.0 for February and March until I see the Rheumy in March.

The last thing I want is to go back to the pain I have been free from for the last 10 months. Thank you everyone for your continued support and input. It is so very helpful!

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Hi Sunnyd7,

Personally I’d be inclined to stay at 7.5mg until after Christmas, but of course it’s entirely up to you. You could still probably achieve the 6mg by the time you see Rheumy, but as we’re always saying -listen to your body - as you’ve found out it if it’s not happy it sure will let you know.

Good luck.


If you use one of the slow approaches you could start before xmas - but otherwise I'd leave it until after the holiday as DL says. It was crackers to tell you to drop that much at one go and in the winter - I really do wonder sometimes if they think before opening their mouth!!!!!

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I tend to start a reduction when I feel totally well and ready for a taper, then take it slowly. Your plan seems very sensible, you reach the same goal as your rheumie wants but with a lot less pain and probably quicker in the long run as you cut out unnecessary flares etc.

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