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Hi I am off to the doc in a few hours for the first appointment after being diagnosed.. will no doubt have new blood tests. I am going with the knowledge and compassion from all of you and my Doc (who is terrific) is about to LEARN about PMR!! haha. Down from 30 to 20mg. And resisting both Fosmax and Rheumatologist. I see no reason for another doc (am I wrong?) when this is working well. Wish me luck.

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  • In the UK PMR is generally managed by the GP unless there are problems or it is felt the patient is "atypical". Trouble is, 50% or more seem to be thought to be atypical...

  • I live in Canada and have never seen a rheumatologist (was going to be sent to one for bones when diagnosed with low bone mass, but resisted). As long as your GP is reasonable and gives guidance, not strict orders, and allows your symptoms to rule the management of your disease, you should be perfectly fine not seeing a specialist!

  • Hi,.

    No real need for a Rheumy if your GP is confident with managing the illness - but most importantly as Heron says - sensible about the tapering!

  • ok I am back and now my Doc thinks you all are the best. He said he was afraid I was going to insist on getting of the prednisone fast.. (along with resisting any other medication for any reason) and he is so happy I have found you and you are able to talk sense into me! haha. I am giving the web page to him because he thinks his other PMR patients would benefit if they want to check it out. How's that! good ! He also did a DEXA scan so I have a new baseline to see how the calcium D magnesium tablets and the Vit K2 are working. (He is for Fosomax but let me make the decision. NOT to take it. ) The one thing is that my blood pressure which is USUALLY very low 106/60 was 136/72 which he says is from the prednisone. Any one else have this happen...any advice? Thanks.

  • Yes, raised BP is a common enough side effect. Mine is managed with medication but it is also caused by another condition so that is important. Your's sounds like a normal level now!!!

    Where did you find him?

  • Yes my blood pressure is raised for the first time in my life, even after 3 pregnancies. They give me Atenolol 50 mgs. It is still higher than usual.

    Your doctor sounds like a rare gem. Keep him, you don't really need a Rheumie with a good, interested Primary care doctor.

  • He was my Primary (as they are called in the MN) My original GP (family practice) doc retired after I had been with him through both my babies etc etc..and I had to choose a new doctor.The woman I asked for wasn't taking new patients so I picked him because he was Sports Medicine and Family Practice.....thinking as an athlete he would also think about diet and exercise. Turns out I lucked into a doc who listens! . When I began feeling so TERRIBLE emailed him (yes!) and said he was to spend the next few day up all night researching my symptoms after my bike accident etc and he wrote back saying 'Ok he would burn the midnight oil and was sorry about accident, glad I had a good time in Sweden and would "cure" me on Thursday when he saw me.' Apparently he was pretty certain right away it was PMR his worry was I would resist treatment (as usual) so he was happy when you all reinforced him.

  • I feel a great attraction to doctors/physios who have a sports medicine background...

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