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Doc Martin!

Hi all!

Was anyone watching Doc Martin last night? I love this program but, for the first time that I know of, he diagnosed his aunt with pmr which then developed into gca as she was reluctant to have treatment so both issues got a mention.......I have never seen any mention of pmr on the TV before let alone just a drama series so I felt quite reassured that perhaps it is becoming more common & nice to see awareness being raised albeit a light touch on the subject


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My gosh I wish I had been that fit with polymyalgia before diagnosis. There is no way I could have moved so easily as Aunt Ruth or considered taking some new job at the Maudsley. Doc Martin was the one telling her to slow down, not Aunt Ruth saying she was exhausted. It did not make it appear that painful, just a slight pain in the shoulders.


I too couldn't believe what I was seeing!! I go for my biopsy tomorrow and there it was being done on the screen! What a shame he's not my gp, then maybe it wouldn't have taken me endless phone calls trying to get this appointment sorted out!! My own gp is on holiday and said get the surgery to chase it for you...what a laugh! Apparently we now have to chase our own appointments. 3 hours and 8 phone calls later I was given an appointment in 2 days time! Fine for me, but what about all those poor people who can't manage to keep pushing at the door! Oh well, rant over! lets hope for a negative result from the test.


Had my biopsy after admission to Eye Hosp after loss of sight in one eye. It was done under local anaesthetic by in-house medic and was pronounced positive of course! Can't imagine many local GPS taking it on so casually, so put this down to artists licence! Anyone else had this done at their local surgery? Just interested to hear.


Some information please. I assume it is GCA you have been diagnosed with.

How long and how high your pred?

The biopsy could be a waste of time? If you have been on pred for more than 5 days, the biopsy is very likely to turn up zilch. Mind the biopsy does not always give you a result anyway.

I was on pred for 6 days before the biopsy, so when I went it was cancelled and I was treated on medical symptoms only.


Had biopsy this morning, fantastic team. They explained everything clearly and even talked about getting Doc Martin in to assist!! Now we wait for Histology, stitches out etc and keep on high dose Pred until then. Massive headches at the moment but they warned of that as they had to disturb some muscle to remove 3cms, hopefully enough to track down these evasive cells. Thanks for support, will keep you posted.


Good luck to you through all of this......hope the bad head settles soon & you start to feel a little better

Keep us posted won't you? X


Who is Doc Martin? Is that something we can get in US?


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