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Leg and foot numbness

I so appreciate this forum! Wish we all lived close enough to meet. I am on 40 mg prednisone for yet undiagnosed GCA and diagnosed PMR/possible RA.

My legs and feet are always stiff and numb, but not painful. I had lumbar laminectomy a year ago and was advised that numbness could remain. I am wondering if anyone with PMR has this numbness? I Can live with it as I feel that I am fortunate to not have the severe pain of so many others.

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Where are you Grammajoy? Someone might be nearby. I expect your legs and feet numbness is, as you say related to the decompression surgery you had. Perhaps PMR has made you notice this symptom more. I have become very aware of any slight discomfort now, as if I am super- sensitive.

I hope they sort out your diagnosis soon, at least you'll know what you are up against.

Best wishes Jane x

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I live in NE Georgia mountains in USA. Medical facilities locally are limited but excellent within 2hour drive (Gainesville and Atlanta). I have become addicted to this forum as I grab my coffee and iPad before I brush my teeth😉thanks to all.


But too far for me then! Never mind, in thought if not in body 😊 can’t help on the numbness - sorry.


Hi Grammajoy, I too suffer with numbness in the feet. It's not painful more uncomfortable. I'm not sure what causes it but wonder if it is one of these- pred, PMR, fibromyalgia (as I have that as well) or morton's neuroma. Of course it could well be none of that?


Pred can cause numbness and tingling. On the other hand - you have a good selection that COULD be blamed!!!!!


You are so right. I had no health issues until 70’s said “now it’s your turn” but I am blessed to have the good more than the bad😜😫


I'm in the USA but CT is still far away! Hope you feel better soon!


Hi Grammerjoy,l had numbness in my feet and legs for a number of years before l developed PMR,l am now down to 3mg of preds and a lot of pain has been reduced ,but l still have the numbness in my legs and feet,l do not know the reason for this but like you l have learned to live with it. All the best,Patricia x,


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