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I pulled my Achilles’ tendon 4 weeks ago and I’m still getting pain from it. I have tried a support that helps a little during the day , when I get up in the morning it feels better until I walk on it again. I have RD as well as PMR and am on 12.5mg of pred and Benepali 50mg once a week. I also take an anti inflammatory daily and hydroxychloroquinine. I have tried voltarol gel locally but nothing seems to be working. I really don’t want to contact GP as I know it will be a three week wait for an appointment. Has anyone any ideas of what else I can try as limping is now making my other leg hurt 😔

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  • Hi, sorry for you!! So painful,my history included plantar faciatis and achilles tendon pain. After some research, I found utube video which showed how to use athletic tape to create support for the injured tendons. Give a look.

    Also, iceing helps.

    Good luck, Jerri

  • Hi,

    Heat may help as well. Ice first, then heat.

    Also get a walking cane - it will make you walk better, and will hopefully stop the other leg coming out in sympathy! You can get some very fancy adjustable collapsible ones in most mobility shops, or a well-known online shopping outlet 😉.

  • I have in the past had a lot of problems with both Achilles. What eventually worked for me was the advice of a good sports physio. This involved careful stretching exercises, as the tendon will have shortened and will therefore be very stiff after use.

    I was also advised to wear orthotics in my shoes.

    It took a month or so of following this advice before I was pain free.

    If you leave it alone it will not improve, as I found to my cost!

    And, yes icing it definitely will reduce inflammation in the tendon, and use of heat will make it feel more comfortable.

    Hope this helps


  • Ty all. I have also tried the alternating heat and ice to no avail. I have a multitude of sticks I use for walking anyway following previous bilateral knee replacements. It does help but can’t really use it at work as I tend to carry folders and like to keep a hand free as I have a great tendency for falling. I have also had plantar fasciitis in the past and that took a year to go. Then came back yet again. So not a good history. Infact suffice to say I’m getting a little fed up with it all. Seems to be one thing after another. Problem with PMR, RD and osteoarthritis is they have so many similar symptoms I’m now not sure what is causing what. So don’t even know if the Benepali is working as I have only been on it 6 weeks. It is very confusing. I just want to feel well again. Well better than I have for the last 2 years would be a start. I’m not hoping for miracles.

  • Hi Tracey, work is obliged to do its bit under the Disability provision of the Equalities Act. That may mean buying you a little trolley or redesigning your job so that you can be supported with a stick. Not to mention an ergonomic chair and a foot rest. I used to work in HR and we did this sort of thing and a lot more for people. I am assuming that you are in the Uk - are you?

  • Hi yes I am in the uk. It’s amazing that you don’t really think of things like this because I didn’t. Silly I should have done ty for highlighting it for me. Love this site and all the help you get. Ty

  • I can also say that ice never helped me on its own, but I feel it’s important to do, when you have Achilles issues.

    Can you clarify RD for me please? Renal disease? Retinal detachment? Sorry if I’m being thick.

    I saw SO many people for my Achilles issues (and back, neck, ankles, latest is cruciate ligament tear) and, apologies if I am teaching my grandmother to suck eggs, it is a matter of finding the right person to trust, and then doing a lot of work yourself.

    I always found that doctors were not that helpful, but I have known people who had steroid injection into their Achilles’ tendon and that worked brilliantly. Have you considered That?

    I am sitting here tonight feeling v sorry for myself....on crutches because of my knee injury...crutch usage affecting my neck and shoulders, and thinking ‘woe is me’.

    All the best with sorting it out.


  • Sorry RD=rheumatoid disease (arthritis)

  • Please be careful - corticosteroids CAN cause achilles tendonitis (although it is more likely in combo with a certain type of antibiotic) and it makes your achilles tendon delicate. If you fell you could damage it badly and tha tis not a good move!

  • Ty I will try to be careful. Not always easy lol. steroids- damned if you do damned if you don’t

  • Have you ever been on a quinolone antibiotic? Just wonder. The names end in -oxacin, Ciprofloxacin for example.

  • I have about a year ago I think it was

  • Then you ARE at increased risk of achilles tendonitis. The risk remains for some time apparently.

  • That is actually quite worrying. You think you are taking something to make you better but as with all medications it has its side effects. Just seems these days I don’t seem to be able to any meds without getting a side effect. My tolerance seems to be getting lower and lower. Makes you wonder for the future.

  • I spent 9 months on crutches because my GP handed me cipro when she knew I was on Medrol (particularly bad mix). The pharmacist didn't notice either. And I didn't check - never again!

    Really the quinolones are nasty abx - and grossly overused. It was given to me for a UTI, which even the manufacturers warn against!

  • I think I t’s amazing how much you have to know to make sure GP prescribes only when really necessary and the correct medication. At least now anyone that reads this post and me will be aware of this. The exchange of information is so needed on sites like this. To be for warned is to be forarmed. Ty

  • Tell me about it! At least we only need to check our own stuff - the poor GP has to bear it all in mind for everybody!

  • Very true 😑

  • Sorry to learn about your achilles problems. I am a fellow sufferer. I have had PMR for over 5 years so 5 years of minimal exercise and loss of fitness. 6 months ago I had successfully tapered to 3mg Prednisolone and thought it was about time I started an exercise regime again. The first occasion was a short walk organised by our local Council. Unfortunately the weather was awful and the group set a very fast pace in order to get back quickly. I had no problem with the distance or speed which was encouraging but the next day I couldn't walk. Pulled achilles tendon and significant inflammation which was gradually creeping up my calf muscle.

    I had several massage and ultrasound sessions with a physiotherapist which didn't work and eventually saw a radiologist who confirmed a high degree of inflammation and sent me to a podiatrist. He totally advised against and injection except in special circumstances as it can be risky. The podiatrist had me fitted with customised insoles which correct my walking gait and gave me stretching exercises. The insoles were not all that expensive at £42 and are certainly comfortable. I am due there again this afternoon for a progress report and more physio.

    I am not sure that PMR can be blamed for tendonitis but it is ironic that after just one attempt at improving my fitness level I am back to square one and looking for a way of exercising without running or walking. This is not good for the dog either!

  • I did aquafit for 5 years of PMR with no pred - being in the water reduces the risk of damage! Tendonitis and synovitis can be part of PMR. When you want to try to build up some fitness be prepared to start slowly - and alone unless you can find a similarly minded PMR person. You have to start small and build up slowly. That means avoiding group exercise really to start with. And even aquafit you must do at YOUR level - not try to keep up with the crowd. But at least in aquafit they don't run away from you!

    Aquafit doesn't help the dog though...

  • I bought braces for both ankles as both Achilles' tendons were bothering me. Even wearing the braces I still managed to partially tear my left one carrying groceries up my front steps. This ended me up in a cast with crutches which I could not tolerate because of the easy bruising which I got wherever the crutches touched. They put me in a walking boot which was great. Problem is, even after 8 weeks it is still very sore. I suspect if it was caused by a regular injury it would have healed by now but as it is caused by the prednisone (currently on 25mgs) it won't really heal until I get to lower doses. So be careful!

  • Ty I'm tapering slowing and have just reduced to 10mgs. Don't want to go too quickly though. Hope yours get better soon

  • Update: after being told I no longer had to wear the walking boot, I took it off and totally ruptured my Achilles' tendon walking across the kitchen floor! Waiting to see orthopaedic surgeon on Tuesday. Is surgery ok when you are on prednisone?

  • I don't think it helps with healing, especially at higher doses but the surgeon is the person to ask.

    What clot felt a not-fully-healed achilles tendon could be exposed to normal life? Howe er - you are where you are so I do hope the surgeon is helpful. All the best and do let us know the outcome.

  • Yes. I didn't think he was right either. Whenever I left the house I would wear the boot. When I was in the house I would take it off to try and strengthen my muscles. Now I am also wondering if this is going to affect the return to work I was planning on in 2 weeks. Oh well, hopefully will get some answers tomorrow. Thanks for the support.

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