I get angina attacks. On 25mgs Prednisone and have had third Actemra shot . I should get an angiogram. Anyone here that can share that experience that had PMRGCA? I have to use nitroglycerin and I'm 73. Thinking that when inflammation is under control I won't get these attacks. I eat fat free and low everything. Cheated yesterday with pastry and within hours attacks started.

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  • I would keep a record of these attacks and report them to my medical practitioner. Can't be too careful. No personal experience to share although Angina appears on my medical records from something that happened years ago and that was not heart related. I was told it meant chest pain.

  • I am diagnosed with angina which can also cause heart attack, but nitroglycerin will stop it but I must eat so limited. I need the tests but scared to do while on all the meds.

  • Again I would discuss my fears with the doctor. It may be fine to be tested whilst on these meds and important. Or am I missing something?

  • Just asking because of the fact that our disease and meds are not always understood by other specialists. This is a good cardiologist and I'm just plain scared. Also thinking once the GCA is treated more and less inflammatory stuff the attacks will go away. 🙏

  • I can understand your nervousness but presumably you've been put on GTN by the cardiologist who has recommended the angiogram. As you know, angina is the heart muscle not getting enough oxygen due to problems in the arteries supplying it. Perhaps this is related to inflammation from the PMRGCA or it is the usual furring up from plaques. Either way you need to know what it is and more importantly how severe the lack of flow is. All the GTN is doing is causing dilation of those arteries to help blood get through. Heart attacks can occur when the GTN is no longer sufficient and at the moment you have no idea if you have a small amount of blockage or larger, so you don't know your risk of heart attack. I know it is potentially yet another bad thing you have to deal with, but it could be that a straight forward Angioplasty will sort you out completely and you have saved yourself from a potentially life threatening complication. You only have one heart and you have no idea how long the GCA inflammation will go on for, so if it was me I wouldn't wait. Also, although GCA isn't common, PMR is more so and Pred is common as muck as they say, so the cardiologist should be familiar with it.

    It is interesting that food can cause these attacks. Does the GTN get rid of it when you eat the wrong thing?

  • What us GTN? Bad fats are rough on blood flow.

  • Good grief, not feeling well, really tired n can’t seem to do anything or I start sweating , chills, nausea and difficulty breathing. Doctor knows. No work up or test until after I see Rheumatologist next week. So after reading these post I’m getting a little panic!

  • GTN is glyceryl trinitrate which is the same as your nitroglycerin.

  • Thank you. Direct correlation from diet. Chelation ivs can get rid of of plaque but are costly Snd I would do it however not sure if it be safe while I'm doing the allopathic treatment for GCA. Was hopeful I could get through this and then do the chelation and clean my entire system of any potential blockages. I know I'm playing Russian Roulette. Will make my mind up soon.

  • I really am far from sure chelation therapy will remove atherosclerotic plaques. I'd rather trust this article from the Mayo than Dr Weil's claims - since they are making money for someone.

    And this is also rather more science based:

  • I agree PMRpro, just read that article also. It all so scary!

  • I just read the articles on Chelation therapy. Wouldn't it be wonderful if that worked?

    I wouldn't trust it though Leeleep it sounds as if all it would relieve is my bank account. You have nothing to lose by seeing a regular doctor for some advice. What do your family and friends think about it?

  • I've never heard of that. Having just read about it, it sounds like it has its own drawbacks with substances that have risks with mixed results. Makes an angioplasty sound straightforward.

    This is an interesting study you might have already seen

    Good luck with the decision. At least after an angiogram you'll know the extent of the problem.

  • I had an angiogram about 4 months ago because I got breathless. I was told I had angina and am now on beta blockers and another night time tablet for blood. I am officially off pred but under my rheumi he tells me to take pred as and when I feel the stiffness. They hope to prevent me having a stent inserted. Life is full of surprises never thought my heart was bad so not much more can happen, although reading the letters I feel lucky to have stiff legs and breathlessness !!!! Do have an angiogram though as it does reveal a lot which can then be treated. Good luck Love to everyone keep smiling.

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