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what do you think this is?

Good Morning everybody,

I have had a small pain for days near my left eye socket (just left of my left eye). I had my pressure checked and it is fine (it had gone up last winter). At the time I did not ask the eye consultant because I just thought it was a headache/over use of my PC... I just want to make sure this is not the slow creep of GCA? help. Hopefully I am just worrying for no reason. I've had PMR for two years nearly and am down to 2 mg of pred.

Thank you in advance. I could ring my consultant but I would rather put a call (email) in to you guys.

Whitefish xx

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Hi whitefishbay,

Wouldn't have thought it's GCA related unless you have any return of other symptoms.

You're getting very low on Pred so all the "normal" aches and pains of life resurface, trouble is we always think the worst! If you've had eyes looked at and they are okay then stop worrying, guess you had usual sight test as well. Probably just one of those things, but if it persists or you get any other symptoms then obviously speak to Rheumy.

Take care.


You are so right. I worry about the worst that can happen. Just probably too much sitting in front of a PC at work (7-3.30). Must take more breaks. Thanks so much. Have a lovely day. Warm in London.


Nice here as well, been pottering in garden.

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