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Introducing myself!

Hi! l think this website is awesome and of great help and support. I live just south of Ottawa, Ontario. I'm retired and live with my husband and our two little dogs.

I've had pmr for a year and a half but am, otherwise, in good health. I'm also pre-diabetic but keep my glucose well under control and other than that I just take synthroid for hypothyroidism.

I'm still feel like a "young" 66 year old" and hope to beat this pmr in a timely manner!



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Not many Ontario people here, I think. I'm from Belleville, ON


Rhea, my daughter lives in Belleville. We are going to visit her in mid October. Taking train from Halifax.😊


Hi Dianeka,

Welcome to the family of PMR..

I too am new to this diagnoses & like you, had a bit of the run around before eventually getting put on steroids with a gps diagnoses of PMR. Which I had never heard of. I had what I can only refer to as a miracle reaction to the steroids. Almost within hours, all the pain in my neck, shoulders, arms & hands seemed to vanish. The headache which is what I went to the doctors with originally did not go though.

None of my blood tests proved positive for anything they were checking me form which I never knew what. Infact it was only when I found this place that I found out what some letters meant & about their levels. I have still never heard my own doctor mention them by name..hmmmm

I have been on 15mg since 16th June. Because of a holiday I had booked, doctor delayed my tapering, saying she would start that when I got back from holiday. Unfortunately I can e back from holiday almost as bad as I had been before starting on the Preds.

I also had problems with my feet & Legs still have. So she told me to stay on the 15mg so that she could run more blood tests after her holiday. I see her on the 16th Oct, when she will take blood, I am just so fed up with it all now, it seems to be a new diagnoses every other month or so now..

I have gone from someone who lived & worked on a farm most of my life, to someone who could barely comb her own hair. It has been a worse nightmare than the FIBRO diagnoses I got many years ago, I at least had good days back then. Now I struggle to remember what those felt like.

This place is the best ever for getting the info we need & the help as well from some of the ladies here who have educated themselves much more than some doctors about this condition. I thank god for finding then &this place.

Take care Dianeka


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Hi Kate, you've definitely had the run around, too. All our doctors had to do was listen to us and test our blood for the sediment rate. Mine was elevated which indicated PMR. My husband had to do everything for me and I thought I might not see my next birthday. I should have just gone to any hospital and asked for help. My doctor was less than useless and caused me so much grief. At least I know what's wrong with me and hope to recover in good time.

You have a double-whammy having fibromyalgia as well. I hope your health improves and you see many good days.

Take care


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A raised sed rate only shows there is inflammation present - not exactly where it is coming from so it doesn't ever "confirm" PR although it may indicate that is where the symptoms are from rather than fibromyalgia where the sed rate is never raised. It can be raised for all sorts of reasons - including a common cold, other infections and even trauma.


Hello and welcome Dianeka, with your good attitude I have great faith that you will beat this thing!


One of the first things I learned was that you can't beat PMR. You learn to live with it, manage it, and pred, and wait for it to go away.


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