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My GP surgery has recommended that I have a flu jab. I had one many many years ago and felt quite ill after it so a bit anxious about having one. However, as I am having so much trouble at the moment shaking off a common cold, I am worried about getting flu over the winter. Has anyone had the flu jab with pmr and Prednisolone? My GP surgery said it is fine to have it as it is not a live vaccine.

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  • I had jab all through GCA journey, sometimes on high doses with no problem.

    If you had problems before maybe you were just unlucky, you won't know unless you try again. But I would recommend.

  • I will make an appointment to get it done. Thanks for the advice.

  • They are quite correct - and most of us have had our flu jabs. It isn't perfect but it does reduce the risk of most of the flus floating around.

    You might have a bit of a reaction - but you definitely won't develop an infection unless you were already hatching one when you had the jab.

  • Hopefully my recent antibiotic cover will ward off any bacterial bugs. Will take the chance and get it done. Thanks for reply.

  • Check the archives for lots of prior discussions re flu vaccine.

    Recommend the flu jab over risk of falling ill with the flu!!!

  • You are quite right. I don't want to take the risk of picking up a further respiratory infection. It has been bad enough trying to get rid of a common cold 😀.

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