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Rheumatoid arthritis

Hello i am 22yrs old .i have been sufffering from anemia since 3 yrs.now my blood reports are esr:55mm/hrn crp:40mg/l.so i have been using medicine for about 3 yrs . I want to is there is no cure for this diseaae.i am doing my regular exercise n walking but still there is no pain relief .i have a severe pain in spine n left leg sometimes even on my right knee .i jst want to that is there any permanent cure

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This is the forum for PMR and GCA, so think you'd be better advised on one of the Arthritis sites - there are a couple depending on where you live.

Select My Communities on top bar and then Browse Communities and chose which one you want.


You are on the wrong forum - this is for polymyalgia rheumatica and giant cell arteritis and we really don't know much about RA.

However I can tell you that there is no permanent cure for RA - like the vast majority of autoimmune disorders the best you can hope for is good management and drug-induced remission.


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