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Post Move in one month GCA back


Some days I just want to stay in bed but I don't..

My eye physician who is very good on tapering slowly has bumped me from 20 mgs to 40 mgs due to jaw pain. Slight headache but jaw the worse. I will be on high dose for one week n we will have lab tests back by then.

As to my dislocated shoulder I am amazed how well it is healing. I will have physical therapy soon and hope to get it strengtied so it won't do that again.

My new GP admits that she only knows a little about my condition which I appreciated as it makes it nicer to deal with.

My new apt is even nicer than I thought it would be. No young people here so no parties here. I sit at my table n can see the birds I am feeding in my back yard.

I was worried about laundry right next to my bedroom but hearing running water is not bad as we only have 2 washers. So basically all is quiet n peaceful here. Yes a few places down there is an eviction in place as the woman houses her family n homeless friends who are young n party. But in reality there will always be one bad apple.. It is my attitude I am working on. Hehe

I have been going places with my sister n hubby n it has been wonderful as I really isolated myself in my last place.

Now I am mostly unpacked n will start playing with my art work. I scored a large craft table from a gal Who is moving n turning the breakfast nook into my art studio.

God bless you guys


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Sounds good on balance - shame about a query GCA. Hope it isn't. And good on a GP who admits her limitations!!!!

Not sure what query means. I had jaw pain even with two days on 40 mgs but my labs are once again normal. Go figure will be talking to my eye physician tomorrow he really know his GCA info and I feel confident with him. And I think my GP is swell she will coordinate all my docs.

I am scheduled to see a surgeon regarding so throat and swallowing issues. She wants me to see about and endoscopy. Just keep finding more things to take care of. Job security. 😏

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Query is a question, "query GCA" - they seem to be suspecting there might be some GCA involved by the symptoms, i.e. IS it GCA? Or isn't it?

Lovely to hear from you Linda. You make a village wherever you go. It is a true gift.

Honestly, keep a journal sweetheart.

God bless you too. X

Hi Jane, well I just got my results back on sed rate and crp and both normal which is great. I thought my dislocated shoulder would have shown as inflammation. I am on 40 mgs. So will talk to doc tomorrow and see where I should drop too.

I have been feeding birds out back in my little yard and my favorite spotted towees are here. Flock of robins out front eating tiny crabapples. I guess they are all migrating before the snow.

Love hearing from you. Wishing you every happiness in your new home x

Thanks so much. My twin n her hubby just came to my first dinner of salmon spinach n green beans n ginger. It was fun. My sis got the cooking gene so I had to show her I had a tiny bit hehehe

Hi Linda,

Always good to be on the other side of a move. Sounds nice to settle in and concentrate on your art, very therapeutic I would think.

Take care now,


There is just something about painting n making a mess. You feel like a little kid pure enjoyment whether painting comes out or not...

So glad to hear you are getting settled and enjoying time with your sister xx

Hi Lin

Good to hear from you though must have been scary time with worries over the jaw pain. Glad you’re being well looked after and settling in to your new home. Love the sound of having a little space to create your art and plenty of inspiration with all the wildlife around you.

Take care.


Sounds like your move has been a blessing. It's good to have family nearby. Outside space makes all the difference for me. Enjoy getting settled and making it home. Hope your health issues are settled as well. Good to hear from you ❤️

Good to her from you again and to know that the house move went well and you have a chance of seeing your twin and hubby more often. Hard regarding the query GCA and the hiking up of your pred. Hope something on this gets settled soon. Keep us in the loop.

Pleased the move has gone well Linda. Your positivity, appreciation and creativity are shining through and I am loving it! So pleased you are closer to your sister now. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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