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tired of being tired

well if you have followed my post, i was started on pred last oct at 40 by gp, rheumy took few mons to believe it was pmr,all to while reducing my pred, and symptons appearing to get somewhat better, that is until june 8 at which time i reduced to 10 mg, saw her on aug 2, since my son was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, on e 20,,my other family came upon financial hardship,()they are famiy that took custody of my great grandaughter) etc, and of course still being involved in my 21 yr old grandaughter,s problems, i was experiencing symptons back somewhat like in beginning of this journey, rheumy wants me to stay at 10 for next 3 months at least, that would be from june until the end of Oct, given extra stress i am going through with son, he will be having transplant probably nov, so that is 10 mg for 5 mos, my question is, i am still having moderated stiffness and pain in left shoulder, hip, legs seem heavy and weak, and i never wake up feel rested of refreshed, i very often have to crash in afternoon, like a truck ran over me,just like i was months ago, i know stress and lack of sleep can make a body feel like i am experiencing, is it the stress why i never feel rested or refreshed on waking each day, it is a very tiring, depressing feeling, and of course, i feel i am depressed at any rate as well, often have little breakdowns in my own privacy, i am very concerned about family with great grandaughter, as they are having a very bad time, and i have stretched myself financially to help them, but future doesnt look good for them as well, grandaughter has taken on challenge of going to hairstyling school, while still on social services, have helped there a bit, but can,t continue, and can,t see how she,ll be able to manage, the school is way? beyond her means, in the thousands to attend for one year, so much worry, and stress, have been to counselling, just wanting to know though, bottom line, do any of you wake up and feel like you have slept well, refreshed and ready to tackle the day,?

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Short answer, No! I'm at 11 mg and feel tired most of time, with limbs like lead and painful movements. In my case I'm not stressed at all, so can't use that as an excuse. I'm sorry to hear about your worrying family circumstances.

It may be that you need to increase your pred dose temporarily.


With the amount of stress you're under it isn't any wonder you feel so tired, you have my full sympathy. Families seem to be the cause of so many of our worries as well as joys ... sometimes I think I'd like to disappear to a semi-tropical island with a pile of books, if only ! Lack of sleep undermines our whole coping system, mentally and physically, waking up to another day of worry after only a few broken hours is very depressing and so the vicious circle goes on. Did the counselling help? Talking things over is so cathartic and a bit of a weep lets out a lot of tension. You describe your PMR pain as 'moderate stiffness', is it worth asking your rheumy whether a slightly higher dose might at least alleviate it a bit and stop any build-up of inflammation ? It might help to split your dose into morning and evening with, say, 7mg with breakfast and 3mg before bed (that's for the enteric coated pred which takes 6/7hours to take effect so it deals with the 4a.m. inflammation, I don't know what sort of pred you have). Only a suggestion. As for sleep, I've tried Nytol (over the counter at any pharmacy) which can give a better night's rest and breaks the pattern - I also have a prescription for sleeping pills which I take very occasionally if desperate for 6 or 7 hours unbroken rest. Doled out very reluctantly by doc but she knows I only take one as a life-saver! Wishing you all the very best.


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