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Stomach issues

Just thought I would share this in case others suffer the same issue. For quite some time now I've been having full fat probiotic live culture yoghurt with blueberries and a drizzle of honey for breakfast. If course from time to time you get a bit bored with having the same thing day after day, however I think I'll be sticking to the yoghurt from now on. The last 4 times I deviated and had what I would call a solid breakfast, cheese and bacon omelette for instance, I get severe stomach cramps and the need for the loo suddenly becomes urgent. I'm then not able to eat all day and feel really bad.

I normally make my own yoghurt using live culture I get on line but when away in the caravan I try to get the Yeo Valley Greek one with live cultures.

I've read many times on here the sound advice of having yoghurt before taking your tablets and have learnt the hard way of deviating from that!

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Yeo Valley Pro-biotic organic with L.Acidolopus in it (short shelf life) and a teaspoonful of Manuka Honey (highest UMF you can afford - it boosts your immune system). Everyday whilst on my GCA journey, followed by one slice of wholemeal seeded bread toasted with proper butter.


To be honest I didn't know that there was anything special about coating the stomach with yoghurt and have been taking it with Omeprazole and porridge. Have you ever been troubled by really painful anal spasms. I must have had half a dozen extremely painful attacks in the past year. Last night it was so bad that I came out in a cold sweat. I am wondering if this is Pred or Omeprazole related. Before now it's been during pregnancy only. I would be interested if anyone else has had this distressing symptom. I expect I should have started a new thread rather than bury it here, but it's quite embarrassing.


Never head anyone ask - but then, most people probably wouldn't. Stress is one cause and so is constipation - and pred can cause that. But you do need to speak to your doctor - there are other causes that aren't as banal.


I have discovered that it is also a potential side effect of Omeprazole. I think I might go cold turkey on them. I have no problems with constipation, the reverse tendency if anything. I will mention it to my GP thanks.


I stopped omeprazole as I just don't like taking anything I don't really need.


I agree with you...eating the same things that don't upset our routine is helpful to feeling as well as possible. Last week I tried French fries and had lots of pain several hours later. Since PMR I have eliminated night shades, sweets, alcohol and most carbs. I also eat the same the same thing daily for breakfast at 4:45 am before 5:00 am Pred dose...oatmeal, berries, chia and hemp seeds and walnuts. I've been doing this since June 19th! Call me boring...I'm good with that!

Stick with what you know! Deviate at your own risk!

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Yep routine seems to help and healthy eating. I limit the amount of carbs / sugar but I do enjoy the wine and whisky🍷🥃😃


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