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Just thought I would put on an update on the low carb eating regime I started nearly 7 months ago. Yay I've bit my goal weight this week😃. I started this year at 17.5 stone which is the heaviest I've been. I've stuck to the low carb diet pretty easily, no bread, potatoes or pasta and I've not found it difficult. Being able to drink wine and whisky helped and I'm now down to 14.5 stone👍😃. Feeling so much better, energy levels are back to what they used to be although I'm still on 11mg of pred and the hips and shoulders still are quite painful, especially in the mornings or after driving for any length of time. The only downside to the low carb diet is I've had to buy all new clothes!

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  • Well done Griggser! You have stuck at it. On reading an earlier post of yours I had a go too and lost seven pounds and felt better for it, lost another three after a bout of diverticulitis, sadly that has gone back on again! I don't find it too difficult avoiding bread, pasta and potatoes, but unfortunately it is the sweet chocolately stuff that does for me! We have recently had a couple of very difficult stressful family events, followed by a number of different family members staying which have included providing puddings! Am encouraged by your success so will try again! Any hints gratefully received.

  • For a treat I have one or two squares of over 75% dark chocolate, takes the sweet craving away. Cauliflower instead of potatoes, microwaved florets with a knob of butter, grated cheese and cream or yoghurt👍. Instead of biscuits with a cuppa I have mixed nuts. Checking carbs on every packet. Making breakfast muffins, you can google this and just modify to what you have or fancy. Greek full fat yoghurt with blueberries and honey for brekkie and yoghurt with walnuts and honey for a dessert. Red wine, white wine & whisky😜 A favourite treat is a packet of pork scratching. Initially I tried to keep below 60grms of carbs a day!

  • That's brilliant! Well done. My Doc has recommended low carb and I'm trying it. It's v effective. Staying away from bikkies is hard though!

  • Thank you so much for bothering to reply with some helpful suggestions. Gosh, yes, had forgotten about cauliflower! Used to roast in with a little oil and maybe smoked paprika. Will get back to doing that. Haven't got a microwave, but like your idea of having it with cream and grated cheese. Used to have nuts, but annoyingly my teeth are so rubbish with so many bits having dropped off them, in fact have just had a small piece of cheese to curb the " nibbles" ! Like you, have had for a long time Greek full fat yog with probiotics, and blueberries/ grapes ( I know, they are sweet but only have a few) . Good idea to have yog for dessert too, never remember about that. That's when I succumb to a cuppa and something chocky. So need to address that. Sadly, sadly I don't drink, don't like the taste! Weird I know, none of the rest of the family is like me. Do sometimes wish I did! Don't think the pathetic thing I have called a brain will manage trying to count up the total carbs. But you have done so incredibly well.

    Well done too for getting down to 11 mgs. I was down to that a year ago getting excited about going down to 10 mgs. It was not to be. Have been back up to 20 mgs a couple of times what with extreme family stress, but now a few days ago down to 15 mgs, so fingers crossed it will happen and am very encouraged by your success with carb restriction, as you say, ( and the amazing PMRpro,) think this will help in generally feeling better.

    Thank you again and keep going, you have done so well.

  • To be that accurate you have to weigh stuff too. But when you realise that a light and crispy German style roll weighs 60g and provides 30g of utilisable carbohydrate - you see it doesn't take long to add up if you eat bread. I don't weigh - I just don't eat bread, pasta and rice nor root veg or fruit. No processed anything. I do allow myself an icecream (not the rubbish sort, freshly made from fresh ingredients from just one or two gelato shops (I live in Italy). Never more than 1 scoop at a time though. But dessert isn't an everyday thing in our house - just a special treat if I have room after eating out. Or I have a starter to be able to have a special dessert.

    Blueberries and other berries are fairly good - grapes less so. But once you do a bit of reading and learn what to avoid and where carbs hide it is quite easy. And basically - if you are are still gaining weight, the chances are you are eating more carb than you think and more than YOU can cope with, I can't eat more than 20-30g and lose weight. But that is me.

    I also found using the Michael Mosely 5:2 diet had made me reassess portion sizes and it only took a few weeks before I was totally full after a much smaller portion. Then I cut the carbs. I am rarely hungry. My husband eats loads of chocolate and chocolate biscuits - he's like a rake and never gains weight. But luckily I don't really like the stuff he eats and I don't buy my favourites. If you don't buy them - you can't eat them!!

  • How maddening that your husband can eat chocolate and biscuits and doesn't put on weight!

    I have read so much stuff about losing weight in defferent ways, but it all goes out of my brain, especially when tired. Anyway, seeing Griggsre's post with his wonderful results has inspired me to try again, and amazingly I have at least kept off the 7 pounds I lost when I had a go before. I do struggle with trying to think of things like this when family crises take over. The last few months have been very difficult but hopefully, now all our family visitors have finally left ( lovely though it was but incrediblyexhausting even with pacing) I can try and concentrate on trying to help myself in this way.

    I do really appreciate all the helpful advice you give and it was so lovely of Griggser to respond with tips too.

    Thank you both.

  • There is no real pacing when you have visitors - even the disturbance of other people in the house is tiring. I do next to nothing and compared with most people I am very well. I put out the beds (we have a very small flat so the study is the spare room) but the duvets, pillows and covers are laid on the bed. I washed and ironed them - the visitors may make them up! I only cook VERY simple food - and we eat out/fetch a pizza as much as I can swing! I'd rather foot the bill for a meal out than half kill myself.

  • You are so right, about having visitors! It is often just being in others company for too long, sounds awful, but I find it very tiring. The American family had their children stay up till 10.30pm. Too much! Fortunately I didn't go out with them during the day and was left in peace at home. Bliss! Fortunately when my daughter and her little family then came, they are so helpful and fully understand how I am and we love to see them. Yes, eating out helps and easy to cook food with not much to do, prepared beforehand, just bung in the oven!

    So, peace and quiet now to get my head around cutting the carbs! Also, you are so right, reducing the amount one eats. Michael Mosely and his sugar reducing book I shall look at again too.

  • I'd have retreated to my bed long before then! That is downright rude IMHO - you have to take account of your hosts too.

  • Well I did one night when I was so exhausted, not having slept well the night before, but was kept awake with hysterical children's laughter. I think realisation dawned that I was near the end of my tether! Not good. There are some in the family who do not/will not understand what having PMR is like for me. Unfortunately I still have to deal with these people! But am learning to become more detached which is helping.

  • Anyone who abused my generosity like that would be told the phone number of the nearest B&B or hotel the next time with the explanation while I would really love to see them my health had to come first and having so many guests was simply too much. When we retired we bought a small flat - because the village is full of hotels, holiday flats and B&B establishments if necessary. We haven't needed them yet - but the option is there. And so is our campervan - and a lovely campsite ...

  • Well, you may or may not remember several months ago when their trip over here was planned I had suggested they might stay at a holiday complex up the road wirh several of their friends and families they wanted to see while over here. We were eventually told that this would not be happening as the other families couldn't afford it, so our lot would be coming to stay with us! Needless to say I was getting very stressed about this along with the assumption they would stay as long as they liked! I eventually took the bull by the horns and told them when they would have to leave as we were then expecting my daughter and her family. Unfortunately I have had to tread carefully as the chap is my husband's son and also very sadly his ( my husband's) daughter ( the sister) died a few weeks before, so it had been pretty emotional and upsetting. So, yes, had thought about offering to pay for them to stay elsewhere, but we both think we have been taken for a few rides somewhat!

  • Wouldn't surprise me in the least. Would have thought it was peanuts compared with the flights...

  • Well indeed! And we have done that, paid for their flights, a couple of years ago. They would like us to go there again, which we have done in the past, but have told them I cannot do the travelling, two flights one from London and one once in the US, without the extra travelling from here, Cornwall. Bad enough when I was feeling not too bad. So, have, of course, felt guilty about them coming here, but they do have others to see besides us.

  • What's wrong with root vegetables? I had mashed acorn squash with full fat vanilla yogurt and it was fabulous!

  • Root veg are higher in carbs!

  • Oops! Didn't realize that. I'll go light on them. Thanks

  • Just have a google - loads of images and charts online showing relative carb loads for different fruit and veg - you can obviously far more of the low carb ones to fill you up.

    There are plenty of people who can't understand why they aren't losing weight but it is because they are snacking on fruit and using relatively high-carb veggies. It all adds up.

  • Thanks. Because my weight is low I haven't been paying attention to specifics of various vegetables. I have bee careful about carbs in fruits and stick to berries and small apples, peaches and plums less frequently.

    Thanks for helping me fine tune my diet.

  • What's wrong with root vegetables? I had mashed acorn squash with full fat vanilla yogurt and it was fabulous!

  • You always have the great advice. Love reading your posts. You are right that you won't eat it if you don't buy it. You must have willpower to not eat pasta and bread in Italy.

    Thank you again.

  • I do eat bread very occasionally - but I can't eat anything with wheat in anyway (allergy to the starch) and that reduces the choice a lot! Gluten-free is not the same although I can and do eat pasta made with kamut or spelt. But it is a special treat - and that makes it all the more enjoyable. But actually, Italy is a great country to avoid wheat in - honestly! They know exactly what is in their food and will adapt happily if you ask nicely.

  • That's terrific news. So pleased for you. That's a great achievement for you. 11mg is at least in the right direction. I have got stuck on 8 mg and due to stress of moving house to a bungalow ( no stairs) and in a lot of pain at the minute think I will need to increase to 10mg. That seems to be the level I need to control inflammation even after 3 years. Glad you have got your energy back too.

  • Wow that is brilliant! Wish I could do the same! Did you go to a club or go it alone? Any other tips welcomed😀

  • Well I did it on my own but my wife has been very supportive and as a consequence has lost weight as well. I've written some tips in reply to Lizwills post😃

  • Well done!

  • Amazing willpower Griggser! New clothes hurrah!!!

  • Well done! I'm convinced that it helps the resolve by avoiding complete denial of little (!) treats.

  • You mean like my single scoop of real icecream I allow myself ;-) ...

  • Now, that's a nice thought too! Thank you too for being so encouraging too PMRpro in those of us who have put on loads of weight, we know what we should be doing but sometimes " life" gets in the way, and before you know it, the sugary stuff calls to you and addles the brain even more!

  • Oh well done Griggser!!! I know what you mean about the new clothes - though luckily denial had led to me having kept my old clothes and it wasn't too bad. I only had to buy new trousers - they had a nasty habit of falling down...

  • Oh , hit goal and must buy new clothes!! Waaaaa😁👏👏

  • Well done! I prefer mashed celeriac to potato and it's very low carb. Also cauli rice is good. Konjac noodles are good particularly with stir fries. zeronoodles.com

    I found them in Sainsbury's once but found them cheaper online. They also do rice although o wasn't keen on that. I've got a good recipe for low carb crackers with seeds. A bit of a faff to make, especially if your energy level are low though

    Enjoy the new clothes!

    Best wishes Ruth

  • Aren't you the creative sort! What is Konjac? I buy spiralized squash and beets and find recipes online. That is my new hobby...creative low carb cooking. I think my meals are way better than gourmet restaurants. I know restaurants use lots of salt, butter and who knows what else to make the food taste good. I still enjoy a night out at least once a week. Good to socialize.

    Any good ideas for cabbage? Leeks? Kale?

  • Cheesy leeks are a fav. Leeks fried in butter until soft, double cream and grated cheese yum

  • I live in the US. I'm going to try heavy cream and grated Parmesan cheese. Sounds delicious but high in calories! Oh well, I deserve a splurge. Thanks

  • Sometimes cream can be replaced by Greek yoghurt - far less fat and calories. I make gratins using a small tub of Total full fat (5%) yoghurt with an egg beaten into it - sets like a custard in the oven. I use it for moussaka (no cheese added) and cauliflower cheese. Don't know what happens if you use it without the egg - never tried.

  • Yep the Greek yoghurt with an egg beaten is a great but I do use cheese as well. If you can get your body in to a Ketosis state you burn the fat. I've been amazed at how much cream fat butter cheese etc I've been able to eat and still lose the weight.

  • I eat cheese, loads of it. But moussaka with cheese is just wrong...

  • What is a Ketosis state and how do you get there?

  • Just googled Ketosis. I'm good.

  • For anyone else:

    "Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead; this results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body. Some people encourage ketosis by following a diet called the ketogenic or low-carb diet."

  • Yes, my partner and I have also found that. We read Michael Mosley's 8 week blood sugar diet paperback even though we didn't stick to 800 calories a day.

    Now we've done that we keep the carbs down and still enjoy the food you mention with lots of veg, just keep the carby ones like potatoes and parsnip down. Natural fats aren't a single bad as they're made out to be.

  • Hi Sandy. Konjac is from an Asian plant and is very low carb.

    I love leeks in omelette with either feta or smoked haddock. I stir fry chopped cabbage (savoy or sweetheart best) with a bit of finely diced carrot onion and garlic then add a little veg stock to pan and cook just long enough for veg to be tender and liquid gone. That's good with a bit of diced bacon or chorizo unless you're veggie. I've got a magazine with some Ottolenghi recipes for chard with orange, garlic and caraway; fried broccoli and kale with garlic cumin and lime; roast leeks with soya beans and mozzarella. If you can't find them by google let me have your email address and I'll do screenshots and send them to you.

    Best wishes Ruth

  • Thanks Ruth,

    You are the best! Interesting recipes keep me going! At this point, I truly look forward to every meal.


  • Congrats! Well done. Glad you can do wine and whiskey. I had wine and went to the moon with pain the next day. Probably psychological! Actually, my skin looks less wrinkled without the wine. Less money than Botox! Are you having full fat dairy? Any grains? Oatmeal?

  • Definitely full fat everything, no grains or cereals but nuts and lots of veg.

  • Well done you.

  • Hard to believe, but I was on a so called no carb diet for about 6 months. I was trying to reverse my Diabetes, it did not work. But I was fine, you really do not need carbs, but I did miss pasta!

  • My friend started on low carb just after me as he was diabetic, had been for 8 years. He hasn't lost so much weight as me, about 1.5 stone, but has just been told he has reversed his diabetes and is now coming off the drugs!

  • That is great, I have been a diabetic since 1962 so I think it is a bit late for me. I have read where people have reversed diabetes so I gave it a try.

  • What an excuse to buy new clothes Griggser 😂😂😂

    You have done very well indeed to lose all that, roll on for your next outfits 😱😹

  • Loving your work you inspire me. I have only lost 8lb after reaching a personal best of 14st and 5ft 2 tall. Carbs will be cut this week.

  • Congratulations! You have inspired me to try harder with the low carb diet. Well done !

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