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Hi there I am experiencing regular problems with my feet for the past few months. Like walking with lumps under your feet, walking on glass and feeling swollen. It increases when I am on my feet even for a short time. I cannot see anything on my feet. Wondering if it is the pred and if there is anything I can do? Thanks

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  • That was something I experienced with untreated PMR. I used to say it felt like walking on sharp pebbles mixed with broken glass. We had a lot of discussion about it on another forum some years ago - there were a lot of people who'd experienced it. I found mine slowly faded once I was eventually on pred (after 5 years) but it took some months at above 10mg. Maybe you have just reduced a bit too far? I found wearing solid walking shoes helped the pain - but they didn't really go with posh clothes...

  • Thanks your description sure fits - never had this before even pre diagnosis Looking back it's only happened since I dropped to 12.5mg. although I went back up to 15mg 8/3/17. Keep going eh!! I have to try and find the right shoes. Thanks again Cath

  • 1602, I can so relate to this problem and for me it started years before any PMR/GCA symptoms/diagnosis. I have been told various things over the years including that the flesh on the soles is very thin. Even the pads underneath the toes can become painful. I see a podiatrist every 8 weeks who removes the hard skin which seems to quickly accumulate, probably because of the thin flesh. I had made-to-measure padded leather orthotic insoles made many years ago and, initially, they did help and I do still wear them. When my toes play up, I put a little gel padded bandage on those affected and that helps. I have some lovely shoes which are unwearable, even those with small heels. Hotter shoes were very helpful but the best shoes I have found recently are those made by Sketcher, they are sheer bliss, sort of like walking on air - I now have 4 pairs (and nowhere to put them!!!).

    So, in my case, this wasn't due to Pred, and I also have a friend who is similarly affected but who has never taken steroids.

    Do try the Sketchers shoes.

  • I will thanks Cath x

  • Celtic, I love Skechers shoes....I had bad feet long before all this....just skin and bones, ....I've worn orthotics for years but never need them in the Skechers.....


  • Hi Doralouise, it's so good to hear that you have found a solution in Sketchers, too - sort of proves we must have similar problems. About to look up some for my hubby as he has developed plantar fasciitis (policeman's heel) which is very painful whilst it lasts. Happy walking!

  • Hello

    You may have Morton's Neuromas. Nothing to do with Pred. Also try Wider feet shoes. Sandpiper shoes. Sketchers as have been recommended and Fit Flops are also great.

    My feet are a bit too wide for most Hotters.

    Having less than optimal feet is a pain I agree. Hope you can find some relief. Sitting with feet elevated above hip level for periods of time is also good.

  • Thanks Judi xx

  • I have been wearing Skechers now for about 2 months and find them much more comfortable than other trainers I have tried. They're very light and wide fitting. Always difficult getting shoes that fit well being a size 13!

  • thanks will try them xx

  • I've been rubbing my left foot arch area every night to try and reduce the pain and swelling since being on pred. Never had this problem prior to pred use. Feels like I'm walking on a bubble. If I don't take my daily apple cider vinegar capsules, it's the first place to start cramping. Good to find I'm not alone in this foot thing, Strangely, the right foot is fine. Never heard of Sketchers. (Live in the US) Will look online. Thanks for starting the discussion, 1602.

  • Thanks for replying I have now ordered some Skechers - see how it goes. Good Luck from Cath xxx

  • Skechers include 2 pairs of Mary Janes, a pair of runners, a pair of sandals and a pair of vinyl (?) water daughter is manager of an orthotic/prosthetic store and I get footwear at 50-75% off 😊....I know the Skechers can be pricey so I'm very lucky....recently they're the only shoes I buy....


  • 1602....I hope your Skechers perform well for you 😊


  • Thanks, so do I xx

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