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Up date on hip/ back pain

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Just an up date on things.

Well I increase the steroid up to 10 mg from 7.5 mg as suggested by mr Dr. last Wednesday after the paracetamol did nothing. And the pain has subsided and now starting to get better movement in my right leg. So this is good news but it's funny how the side effects of the steroids are becoming more obvious . Things that I had forgot about have re appeared. I look upon this as a learning curve and know that as I reduce again they will disappear. Well I'm hoping xx

Am still going to see Dr next week to get this checked out though xx

Carole x

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Hi 9lives, I recognise that too. It's a mad balancing act sometimes, but you do get to know yourself and this condition. I am glad your pain has eased. If Paracetamol works the pain is not from PMR and sometimes it isn't.

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9lives in reply to SheffieldJane

Thank you.

You are right it is a balancing act and it's hard to know what's what some times but it's good to know we are not alone in this. So glad for this site as everyone on it have been so helpful and informative. Can't thank you all enough xx

Take care

I've been having back pain, last night hip pain. This morning increased from 7 to 10 for a few days until I can get into the Dr. If it doesn't work I'll go back to my 7 in a few days.

Aww I sympathise with you. Although my pain has decreased since I upped my steroids I will still try to see Dr.

It's like putting out lots of little fires all the time. Something flares up and then calms down after a week or two, then something flares up somewhere else and then calms down again. All so very frustrating at times. I do hope your pain will subside. I think it's not knowing if it's a flare or something else , or we have over stretched ourselves, that I find difficult to assess.

Fingers crossed you get some relief soon. X

The next few days will tell! Thank you😎

Good to hear.....here's my tale of despair 😩....yesterday I had to have help getting out of bed to my chair where I stayed until daughter came back to put me to bed....a friend came in to give me lunch....even using a walker I could just not stand literally or weight bare....,so of course gave myself a good dose of Pred and I'm like a spring chicken today....only slight pain left hip....and I could cry....I've made it down to 6 decreasing .5 every 4/5 weeks....call in to rheumy.....but lots of things respond to Pred, right? 😊......I had PMR first and never had pain like this....so very different than the first time around.....

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Sorry to hear of your pain, but you are right about never having pain like it before.

Since mys diagnosis last may it's been a roller coaster.

They put me on 20mg of pred. And felt amazing, then it all started going pear shape, as you well know!!! Once we start to reduce..

I finally got down to 7.5 mg and that's when the back/hip pain came two weeks ago.

. I've had horrendous pain in various places, over the months, and numerous trips to Dr. But it's pain that I have never felt before, more like violent cramps.

Luckily it tends to go after a 10 days to a fortnight. I explain this to Dr. But they have no answers.

I even paid for private rhummy, who did loads of tests but nothing showed up.

I'm feeling bad now as at least I am more mobile than yourself, I hope things improve for you soon.

I guess we just have to with the flow and not try to fight it.

Take care x

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