How much to bump up?

I have been at 12.5 for some months. I am currently taking plaquenil for 6 weeks in hopes that it will reduce inflammation and I will be able to then reduce to at least 10 slowly. I am finding that 12.5 is just not quite enough. Over the last month I have added 3 one day one week and yesterday added 5 as I had been miserable all week. I Sides were sore, hips, tailbone, shoulders and generally felt crummy. I felt much better several hours later. I have had major family events the last 3 months but I do rest and am not overdoing currently. I had hoped to get my feet back under me. If I call the Rhuemy he will want a sed rate and last time it was only 11. At my worst it was 30. It doesn't convince him. I feel well able to increase my dose if necessary. As I hear so often what is the point of suffering sides effects and then getting no relief. At one point the above dose was perfect and I thought I was well. Would going to 13.5 be enough daily?

Thank you all for your most valuable support. This is indeed a dyi disease as someone so well put the other day. Also apologies if I do not answer each response. I have trouble with blurry vision and usually am reading responses on my phone so it's hard to type on. Also sometimes I am headed for work. Hope this is correct courtesy as this is all new to me.

xxoo Bunnymom

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  • Hi bunnymom!

    I think the key thing in your post is the "major family events" try as we might we can't duck stress, even good stress and as you know PMR just feeds off it. I'd be tempted to up my dose a bit and see how little I could get away with, give yourself long enough on say 13.5 to see if things settle. Wishing you a long period of calm water. Take care of yourself a little bit more.

  • That's what I was thinking too. See if 13.5 could go the trick. I only work 10 hours a week for the next 10 weeks so I hope that will also help. I sit on my deck and enjoy the English Garden (in Illinois) that I have created and it's heavenly!

  • That sounds just perfect.......and breathe.🌸

  • You have to try - everyone is different so it's impossible to know whether you are just a tiny bit or a big bit under the dose you need. Even half a mg too little can make a massive difference after a few days as the bucket of inflammation fills up and overflows.

  • That's exactly how I've felt. Overflowing 😫

  • Hi Bunnymom, if you ask me, don't apologise, and Thank you would have been enough. Get better as soon as possible please, and have a Nice weekend, Aletta

  • And supposse all the 4000 members of Pmrgca wrote back all the time, the forum would be unworkable 😳

  • Don't apologise for not answering every response- life is complicated enough with this condition without worrying about right responses. It's a shame your Rheumy is overly concerned with the blood results of ESR. My own is incredibly low compared to others( but obviously not for my own body) On diagnosis was 16 and now is 3, even though I know the condition at the moment is very active. Also as you probably know 20% ( I think it is ) do not have raised markers for ESR and CPR so yours might be naturally very low. As always quoted here symptoms are king rather than blood results. Maybe in a pleasant way you can communicate this to your Rheumy or in more of a stronger way if not listened to!!! X Jackie

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