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Update from gillymar

Hi everyone. Nice to be in touch again. Am still in great pain in lower back . Walking horrendous. Only place comfortable is in bed . But can't miss this lovely weather. It might be raining tomorrow. Steel pins inserted in both femurs now ok. (But curses on alendronic acid tabs for causing fractures in the first place!) Now have fractures in the spine. Seeing the orthopaedic surgeon on June 5 and the spinal specialist on June 7. Hoping for some help so I can get back to driving. I miss my car so much. It is not so much the actual driving that is the problem but what do I do when I get to where ever I am going? I can't push my wheel chair myself and my rolator still requires walking so back to square one! Sorry to go on . Happy days !

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Ouch - spinal fractures are OUCH!!! Hope it all improves very soon.

Don't know how good your legs are - but I watched a guy on the campsite last week sitting in his wheelchair and walking his way around! Straight lines were obviously easier than corners which he approached in the same sort of way as a multi-point turn.

There are very small and foldable motility scooters...


Will be thinking of you on the 5th and 7th and do hope something can be done to ease your pain. I hope you can make the most of this lovely sunshine. Take care. x


Thanks for your support. It is wonderful to get it. Sitting in the garden in the sun. Great. But rain forecast for bank holiday Monday. Oh dear!


All best wishes for 5 and 7 June. Yes enjoy the sunshine while we can! Let us know how you get on. Jackie x


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