Summer weather

Good morning,afternoon,evening!

Well summer seems ti be creeping in and I quickly realized hot weather will not be my friend.

Sitting with my dear friend , who has early onset dementia, ( always puts my world in perspective) so happy to finally be able to sit in the sun,within 10 min. I thought I would pass out.

The heat was intolerable. and I was drained the rest of the day.

Curious if others have that reaction? I am on 20, now having started at 60

I will stay here for awhile , ..

Thanks in advance,best wishes,


Do others find that!

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  • Hi Gina

    I have also found I can't sit in the sunlight for more than 5mins being somewhat fair skinned, I believe you will find being on pred means you may be liable to burn easily in the sun, and yet at the same time we all need sunlight to produce VitD. I have found my skin can feel hot for a while and curoiusly shaky even after I moved to the shade. Bit shocked perhaps. Look after yourself .

  • HiMeggieKy

    yes shaky for sure! Stocked up on good sunscreen, and will be looking for shade!

  • I certainly find the same problem now. The sun even seems to irritate through my clothing- i keep to the shade now!

  • Humid weather affects me more, but yes, it can leave you feeling totally listless. OK for me if the air is fresh as long as I keep to the shade.

  • I find the humidity worse, don't mind the heat but keep well sun screened and hydrated. Even then I can feel a bit shaky if in the sun for too long. Don't forget we are not well people :-( even though the pred takes most of the pain away :-)

  • I know when I was in France in the heat of the summer last year I found the heat very draining. I used to love the sun and would always sit out in it, albeit well protected. Now I sit in the sun perhaps no longer than 10 min stretches and find I get very overheated and a bit agitated. XJackie

  • Hi

    Yes it seems to be the case now.I too lived to be outdoors in the sun..

    Will just have to seek shade !

    Thanks Gina

  • It's just an amazing blessing to have you all contribute about symptoms. Thank you for taking the time to do that! It really helps my confusion when I think I have some kind of coping regimen down, but then go away for a few days - where it's humid and hot - and can barely move those days. Your experience is helping me sort out what I can do to relieve symptoms of GCA and prednisone and what I just need to avoid.

    Much appreciated!!

  • I find humid and cool the worst - but I used to find warm and humid awful too. Until nearly 2 years ago when we had a trip to China and despite mid-30s temps and high humidity I was fine. It does change it seems. But I only sit in the sun in March/April when the air temp is perhaps mid-teens and the sun is relatively low in the ski. In the summer I walk on the shady side of the street and sit under a sunshade!

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