PMRGCAuk Charity Week 19th-25th June 2017

Hi everyone

In support of the PMRGCAuk charity week, I am going to undertake a 10 mile walk in The New Forest, Hampshire on Sunday 25th June. Whilst to the healthy masses this may not seem to be a great distance, but fellow sufferers of PMR and/or GCA will know that this will be challenging and the farthest distance I will have walked since being diagnosed with both conditions in July 2015. I have set up a donation page at which is a really simple way to donate money and will go straight to the PMRGCAuk. Any amount, no matter how small will, I am sure, be greatly appreciated by this invaluable charity. I have also posted a notice and link on my Facebook page, which I will update on the 26th June to report, hopefully, that I have completed the walk. My husband Paul will be joining me, which will be the day before our 24th wedding anniversary, so fingers crossed that I will not be hampered with too many aches and pains and that I will be able to complete the walk with a smile at the end of it and a glass of fizz waiting.

Best wishes Liz Mitchell

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  • Good on you! And well done to Paul as well.

    Goid luck.

  • Hi DL

    Thank you so much.

    Liz x

  • Liz, best of luck with that to both you and hubby. And happy anniversary to you both.

  • Thank you.

    Liz x

  • Best of luck from me - the thought of a 10 mile walk leaves me feeling weak at the knees!

  • Thank you. I haven't told my body yet 🤕

  • Ahhhhhh....

  • Best not to, just surprise it on the day! Mind you, I'm with PMRpro on the thought of it!

  • 😀

  • Aww that's brilliant Liz

    I'm not far from you, Hampshire, I guess you are in the surrounding area.

    I'll check out you face book page.

    Good luck

    And happy anniversary too

    Carole x

  • Thank you Carole, that's very kind of you. I will be starting the walk from our home in Fritham, New Forest, and finishing it at The Royal Oak pub in Fritham around 1pm. Anyone from the local PMRGCA groups is very welcome to meet us at the pub if they would like to.

    Best wishes Liz

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