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Working for me

Hi everyone!

Just to let you know how my reduction trial is going. I've been on 5mg pred for quite a while now and feeling ill with an all but constant feeling of being crushed around my back and ribs. Anyway, Iast week I reduced to 4mg, only I do not take them all in one go as I've always done since I've had this dreaded lurgy, I'm taking two after breakfast and one after lunch and then one after dinner, and even though this is only week two I no longer get the crushing pain and am feeling much better in myself 😊 So I just thought I'd let you all know. If I keep feeling better by next month doctor says to push my luck and try to reduce to 3mg😱 We'll see. So there you are folks will update next month if all is well.

Have a great week 👍


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Hi Catherine,

"Push your luck"! Is that a new medical term 🤔.

Interesting to hear your new regime seems to have worked, long may it continue, but I would be inclined to try a 0.5mg drop next time around rather than 1mg. Don't try and rush things - that might be pushing your luck!

Take care.


😂 lol probably is DL

Thanks for reply and I will do only what my body tells me to. As I just replied to mrs nails, I probably will do a half next month and see how it goes.


Well Done 💐 for finding something that's works for you. But think about only going down 0.5mgs now.

My Consultants has had me on 0.5mg drops since 10mg & l use a dead Slow method, taper over three weeks & on new dose on 4th week & then hold it steady until I start to taper again.

I'm at 6.5->6mg at the moment; l'm splitting my dose 2.5mg at night 4/3.5mg in a morning. I only started splitting the dose back in February in readiness for a holiday with early morning but it has had made such I difference in a morning that I'm sticking with it.

I'm pleased you've found a method to suit you but don't rush now, take it steady & you'll get there!

Best Wishes

Mrs N


Thanks Mrs nails and many thanks for reply.

I said to dr that I would reduce by a half and she said one but I will do a half, don't want to push it.


I'll echo what's already been said about the dead slow method.

I'm now on 8mg and after reading some really interesting posts a few weeks ago about splitting the dose I'm taking 3mg quite late before bed and 5 mg on getting up. The results have been very encouraging. Using the conventional approach, by the middle of March my legs, especially the left one, were so stiff and sore in the morning that I couldn't walk properly till midday. I was very reluctant to increase the dose so tried swapping to taking it all before bed. This produced a brilliant outcome for the morning till mid afternoon but by bedtime I was almost as bad as before and it took till the early hours for the drug to work. So I'm persevering! I suspect I'm taking only just enough pred. as I do get stiffer in the late evening but it's not as bad. I might bring forward the evening dose to say 8pm, as for me the pred. seems to take almost exactly 3.5 hours to kick in. Best of luck.


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