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Stalled at 3mg

Hello All,

I have had PMR since mid 2013 and have dropped from 20mg to 3mg. I used the slow reduction method to get this far down taking 26 days to go from 3 and a half mg to 3mg. I have been struggling at 3mg for some days and I am concerned that a flare up might be developing. Should I go back to 3 and a half to be safe? I don't know if trying to cope at 3 will result in a total failure and a return to a much higher dose.


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If it were me I would - possibly even 4mg for a few days first. And rest at 3.5mg for a month or so. It is a very low dose - and I really never think it is worth spoiling the ship for a ha'p'thworth of tar!

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Thank you for your quick and helpful response. I shall try the 4mg for a few days and then the 3.5 as you suggest.


I think that is the best way. I was headed to 5mg and found in was fighting pain instead of living life. I have gone back up to 7 for 2 weeks as that is where I am essentially pain free. I am now starting the slow taper, and thanks to everyone here I actually found it written out instead of just talked about as has been the case on other sights.


It is written out on all 3 PMRGCA forums in the UK and someone asks I always give the link.

I say so often that there is no virtue in taking too low a dose to manage the pain and feel well - you have to have benefits to balance out the downsides of pred.


Pmrpro I couldn't agree more and I am optimistic it is going to work. I just found this forum recently in the past I was reading social media groups and found all sorts of opinions and self diagnosis and not much helpful information. This forum is spectacular


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