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Temp biopsy negative, and apparently can show recent inflammation that has healed over and there wasnt that either, so going to treat as PMR with the caveat to be alert for any gca symptom return. in case if false negative I feel that is good news

So can go to 30.this week then 20 then slow way up on decrease from there depending on symptoms.

A bit of a bubble burst , although she was pleased with weight loss and no hunger,

which I attributed to my strict diet,and she said could very well be, she gently also said that with the night sweats can also be signs of pmr, and the pred side effects have yet to come.,

One day at a time, focusing on the good biopsy report today.

be well



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as can lack of appetite and weight loss be from pmr

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So they keep saying - but in the 5 years before pred I only put ON weight because of inactivity and comfort eating. Had all the sweats and stuff that everyone says "it's the pred". All improved or changed when I went on pred - there was a difference but I only realised because I had had so long to get to know my body with PMR (or GCA, which it probably was).


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