Weight reduction with rice cakes-Progress Report

Weight reduction with rice cakes-Progress Report

Only got GCA-I've been reducing weight since 21st January 2017 using British Heart Foundation method (sadly out of print) I got mine from the dietitian at Heath Road Hospital, and drastically reducing food quantities, cutting out all sugar, lucozade and chocolate. I've dropped from 17st 10lbs to 16st 06.50lbs. Not bad in 64 days. At the same time my Prednisolone dose has reduced from 6mgs to 5mgs per day on 29/03/17. I'd been on 6 mgs for 56 days previpously because my CRP went up to 19 (now down to 12) and my rheumatologist said stay at 6mgs to be on safe side.

I have complicated health conditions, still on painkillers to cope with pain from osteoporosis, residual pain from spine bone fracture on 21/03/16, and lumbar pain caused by said spine bone fracture., though only the right side lumbar region pain last few weeks. Exercise has picked up though I still can't rise from kneeling position without walking stick assistance and bending to pick things from floor when sitting very difficult.

Just wanted to tell anyone interested of my progress

Best wishes to all


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  • Well done! I think a lot of weight loss problems arise from portions being too big.

    Did you know that dinner plates in the 1960s were 8 1/2 to 9 inches in diameter and by the end of noughties that had risen to 12 in? Which means then they held about 800 calories - now they will hold twice as much.


  • Well done Colin! You're an inspiration to us all.

  • How long have you had GCA, Colin?

  • Hi Ronnie101

    The headache started 23/12/13 lasting for 35 days. First Prednisolone prescribed on 27/01/14 by Dr Charlotte Brierley, Neurologist at 60mgs for 4-weeks. Consultant Ophthalmologist, Mr Edelsten who performed my biopsy on 03/02/14 took over reductions, dropped Pred. to 40mgs after 4-weeks, then 30mgs after 4-weeks, then 20mgs after 4-weeks getting to 10.mgs in August 2014. Since then the CRP has fluctuated between 26 and 4 and is now on 12 and my Rheumatologist says he isn't worried unless it gets up into the 30's. I've been reducing very slowly since 1st June 2016 when I saw Rheumatologist for the first time when I was on 15mgs per day. My GP had been raising my Pred. based on rising CRP levels and my referral on 01/06/16 was 2.5-years after my diagnosis.

    So I am really pleased that I'm down to 5 mgs now and it's helping with the weight loss of the diet.

    I have other serious medical conditions. I was born with Klinefelters Syndrome but only diagnosed in 1996 when I was 46. I'm on life time Testosterone Replacement Therapy. I had osteoporosis at diagnosis but the testosterone cleared that in 2003 and I lived happily for 10 years until 2013 when the GCA started. The high steroids caused the osteoporosis to reactivate and I suffered my eighth fracture on 21/03/16 when I fractured L1 bone in my spine.

    I've probably gone on for far too long in answering your question but it's better if you know why I am probably not your average GCA sufferer.

    Best wishes


  • So well done , so pleased for you .You are an inspiration to us , and it gives me hope that thing can improve.

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