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Update on flu now vomiting


II skipped my thyroid this morning but don't know what to with my prednisone...

I have been drinking tons of water but that's about it. .My son brought me oranges so I had 2 bites and just made it to the bucket

I have lost 6lbs since Friday.

I am miserable.... I don't know what to try to eat. Or if I can skip my pills.

Had a few sips of water but it came right back up.

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You can't skip your steroids so if you literally can't keep anything down I would say you need to contact your doctor asap. I know when I've had sickness I've been able to eat a little. I've taken my uncoated Pred with a little yoghurt and held out for at least an hour so that the Pred was able to be absorbed by body by that time I wasn't too worried if I was sick as I felt I had absorbed the Pred by that time. Coated Pred takes a lot longer to absorb( not sure of timing here) I then ate a lot of arrowroot biscuits ( very dry biscuits like rich tea) and drank some sports drinks to rehyrate myself alongside the water. I didn't drink milk or have any diary products (except the very small amount of yoghurt) and kept my diet very simple with toast, crackers and biscuits ( salt in crackers good too) .

But if you are constantly sick, not able to eat anything or take your Pred you need to seek medical advice asap.

Jackie xx

Hello. Being sick is just horrible. If you haven't already done so, I'd also suggest getting medical advice. It is not clear if your symptoms were influenza, gastro bug or something else. If you've had lots of water and/or being sick and on Pred, your sodium and potassium might be a bit wayward. With flu like illnesses it is usual to get sore throat and runny nose type symptoms as well. If it is just fever and sickness then it may be a viral gastric bug which usually tail off around 48hours not get worse. If it's a food poisoning thing then you may be at more risk. Urine infections can do the same and shouldn't be left. Rather then suppressing the symptoms I would be checked out just in case and not guess about the Pred. I hope you feel better soon.

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It feels like a typical flu to me. I was drinking tons of water and probably deluded myself. Not hungry at all. Drinking tea and having soda crackers.


Please call a doctor if you aren't keeping your pred tablets down for at least an hour - you are on a high enough dose for your adrenal glands not to be doing much and the stress of being ill will add to it.

Your doctor may give you an injection to tide you over - a depot one would last a while.

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Pills went down earlier today n no more vomiting.

Thanks for you advice all of you...

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So glad you're doing better.

Lots of good advice here, sorry I can't give any but hope you soon get well 🌺🌻🌹

Glad you're doing better and no more vomiting x


Happy to hear you bit better,you must be exhausted.xx

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Yes I am.. Funny I have a new bed n figured I would need a topper. So after being in bed since Friday the topper arrives today

To be honest the first 4 days I slept good and my bed could have been a brick..

Now my brain is on again and keeping me awake. The crazy thoughts are so goofy.

and since I feel better, not well I will have a nice memory foam topper and see if I ever get out of bed.

Aches of flu is all that is left.... Still feel light headed if I get out of bed for more than juice or tea.

So glad you are feeling better... 😁

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Just in case you hadn't noticed - the thread is 2 years old ...

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