GCA flare how much to increase prednisone?

Hi all, I've had GCA/PMR for 4 years and gradually reduced by dead slow taper to 11mg. In January a flare started and I gradually increased up to 14. Eye pain, temple pain, cheekbone and jaw all painful plus usual PMR pain. Not getting relief at 14, just takes edge off. Has anyone any advice about how high to go and how long to stay at that level before reducing slowly again. Thank you, your advice is much appreciated

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  • I also have GCA/PMR and am having a GCA flare. My rheumatologist had me go from Prednisone 4 mg to Prednisone 40mg. I am also on Actemra infusions for the GCA.

    I encourage you to your rheumatologist about how much Prednisone to take. They will probably want to check your Sed rate and CRP levels as well.

    With GCA, there is much more risk involved in not taking the right dosage of Prednisone. If you can't get in to see your rheumatologist or GP, you may want to go to the ER.

    I wish you the best, and please get some medical help as soon as possible.

    Take care. ❤😍

  • I do not know where you live but I would advise you see some medical practitioner to give yo proper advise . I recently when into hospital and have ( PMR ) for 2.5 years . Because of the head pain they wanted to put me up to 60mg of pred . You do not want to loose your eye sight but also you canot , having been diagnosed with GCA before, just take a few more tablets . Please go and see a professional . 💐💐

  • I'm in the same dilemma. Since Christmas I've been up and down with headache, eye pain then at the weekend jaw pain. I've tried to get advice from my consultant and rheumatology clinic but either they don't phone back or do so days later. Consultant is sceptical they are flares, because my bloods are normal. Went to A&E at weekend because jaw pain was new. Bloods ok, but they put me up to 30 mg pred (from 22.5) and told me to talk to consultant. Still waiting for call back!

  • Has the 30mg helped?

  • No advice on what dose - you must go to your GP and preferably your rheumatologist, Those are typical GCA symptoms and you may well be having a flare, it is possible even after such a long time. That requires a medical decision about the quantity of pred - not quite the same as managing a PMR flare.

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