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Full engorged feeling in neck and jawline

Hi - I was diagnosed with PMR four wks ago by a Rheumatologist. On 20mg Pred daily. I have generally been doing well as far as pain is concerned but in the last three days I have felt an increased pressure / engorged feeling in my upper arms / shoulders but mostly neck and jawline. Also quite tired. I went to a sauna / spa bath on Friday and also had some some infra red on Friday and Sunday. Any body have any clues? Am a bit worried. Thanks

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It could well be the pred - it does cause fluid retention and people often complain about having a puffy face and neck.

Fatigue can be due to pred - or it may be that since you are free from pain you have actually been doing a lot more and have overdone it.

The pred may combat the tiredness if you are a Duracell Bunny when on higher dose pred - but it is a heavy duty drug in itself and it is only combatting the inflammation, it does nothing to the real disease, the underlying autoimmune disorder, and that causes fatigue for almost everybody.

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Thank you so much PMRpro.


Hi Slosh, sorry for the belated reply. I don't have exactly the same feeling in neck & jawline, but I know I have bloated around face and neck since diagnosis and starting on pred in September 2016. Not only can I see it in the mirror, I can feel the thickening in my neck; and - horror of horrors! - I've caught myself snoring at times, which is something new.

I also get very fatigued, to the point of feeling that I'll fall down if I don't sit down quickly, after relatively very little exertion, and I think this seems to be quite a common experience. I'm interested in what you say about having a sauna. That's something I used to like doing but I've steered away from it since diagnosis in the belief that in my fatigued state I wouldn't cope with it too well now - we don't have any invigorating snow to roll around in here!


Yes - know what you mean. I'm not sure if it was the sauna etc that tired me out, or was it because I was less careful with my diet. I went to Aqua Physio today (with a physio to stay with) - hope it doesn't tire me out too much but felt that I need to get my fitness up after being basically bedridden for 3 months.


It's quite an art, to balance rest and exercise - I still don't always get the hang of it, and then wonder why sometimes I come over all weak and trembling and feel wiped out! Another thing I'm still getting to grips with is that I'm no longer the old me, and can't do all the things I used to - at least, nowhere near at the same rate.

Do be kind to yourself. I also want to regain fitness, but I think it really does have to be a steady, gentle approach - for me, 5 minutes on the nordic walker, or a 20 minute dog walk, and building up gradually as and when it doesn't cause pain or a reaction. I know it will come in time, and although it's good to push oneself a bit I'm convinced that pushing too hard and fast only causes setbacks. Life is so much happier when we're going in the right direction!


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