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Morning to all .I was diagnosed with GCA in October and at the same time syatica was in a lot of pain .On the 24th December my spine fractured had MRI found I have had two more fractures in the past but this last one as been horrendous never had pain like it .It is two months now and I am only just managing to stand up and walk a little with a walking aid .The pain gets really bad if I try to stand without any help.The last fracture is in the lumber it's the fiveth disc area .Will I ever get myself mobile or am I expecting to much of myself .It is really good having people on this site to help with our problems we all get thank you all x

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Morning Jeanmh, my heart goes out to you at this difficult time. Please continue to let us know how you progress. One step at a time.🌸

Jeanmh in reply to SheffieldJane

Thank you Sheffieldjane it is just nice to know that there are people like you out there .For all I have a fantastic careing family it is good we others we can relate our problems to when needed x


Hi Jeanmh

Sorry to read of your issues 🌺hopefully it will improve but until those bones heal it will be painful so you do need to use your walking aid.

Have you had a Dexa Scan or do you know if have osteoporosis? I have a lot of knee & back pain at the moment so can sympathise with you greatly.

I went for lunch with 'The Girls' yesterday, we were all popping pain Meds with lunch & exited using the outdoor lift rather than using the stairs but we had a good few laughs & felt better for it!

It is good to know we have friends here we can ask questions or just have a chat with.

Best Wishes

Mrs N x

Jeanmh in reply to Hidden

Thank you Mrs N I am having a dexa scan next week so hope fully will know the out come .I was told years ago I had osteoporosis I was on h R T for a long time at 60 they found a growth so Dr stopped it straight away Lucky for me it was not cancerous.Wasnt given anything else after that have had good health for 15 years was quite fit .Then got the full whack in October so on the all I have been lucky after hearing some of the stories on site x

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