Tapering steroids

Hello to everyone. I have lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and to add insult to injury I just got diagnosed with COPD. Haha ain't that some cookie. I got diagnosed with the lupus and RA combo when I was 13 I've been on prednisone since then and the " speacialist wants to get me off prednisone like it's chocolate syrup on my face she should know you can't do that am 38 .

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  • I think the folks on the lupus sight might be more helpful. I don't know much about that issue, particularly when complicated by RA and COPD. Folks here have PMR and /or GCA. For PMR we reduce prednisone very slowly, the amount and timing depends on the symptoms you're feeling. Good luck

  • It's the same for lupus on reducing the prednisone very severe.

  • If it is just tapering pred you are interested in:


    and that link is in the LupusUK forum - who are a lovely lot and probably far more use to you than us the PMRGCA forum where you landed.

  • I was diagnosed with PMR in Dec. 2016. During the summer of 2016 I started feeling short of breath along with the symptoms of PMR. I was diagnosed with COPD too in January of 2017 after a pulmonary function test my doctor ordered when I complained about the shortness of breath. I read a lot about others who complain of shortness of breath with PMR and also asthma-like symptoms and COPD. I quit smoking over 35 yrs. ago (after smoking for 11 yrs.) I didn't start the prednisone until late Dec. of 2016 and I had the shortness of breath a few months before my diagnosis so I really can't blame the shortness of breath on prednisone I guess.

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