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Still here still fighting

Hi everyone it's been a long time since I have written on here , it's now been 4 years since all this started, my husband and I separated and I moved from Dartford back to Weston super mare near to my daughter .

I am at the moment waiting for a hip replacement have been waiting for about 2 years now and can bearly walk , still on pred down to 9mg at the moment and with that and my hip it is killing me , trying to do anything is draining , I have 2 dogs that I have to walk once a day , I have a mobility scooter so that helps , but some days I don't want to do anything .

Yesterday I was doing a little housework just trying to keep the place tidy and I just felt like sitting down and having a good old cry, came off pred 2 years ago and everything started again so had to go back on them , it's never ending .

Can't wait for my new hip so I can start walking properly again

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Glad to hear from you lynabelle. Sorry you've had a rotten time and your hip is hurting so much. I wonder if pain killers of the stronger variety would help while you wait for the op. It is arthritic pain and therefore should respond. I have heard a hip replacement has you skipping around like a Spring lamb before long. Hope that's your experience and soon. Let us know what's happening from time to time. As for the sobbing heap you found yourself in, well you're not alone.


Thank you lets hope I will be a spring lamb soon


I'm sorry you feel so down, but it's understandable. From what I've heard the hip replacement will relieve so much pain you'll feel like a whole new person, and it may even lessen the PMR effects once you're no longer dealing with hip pain. If you're becoming disabled surely you must be quite high on the priority list by now? Hugs. ❤


I am now classed as urgent , I was told in sept it would be 6-8 weeks , but still waiting , lack of beds


Hi lynabelle, I remember meeting you and Penny in Dunelm's cafe- was it in Orpington? It's good to hear from you! I am still struggling too nearly 5 years on and I have now got 2 arthritic knees and an arthritic hip. Very debilitating and it gets me down too from time to time. I have had to give up most of my work now as it was too much for me. the best thing has been finding a good Rheumatologist who is supportive rather than undermining. I hope you have found a good rheumy too and I am sending all my good wishes your way. xx


Hi Suzy , that only seems like yesterday when we met and such a lot has happened since then , I hope you are ok .

Just getting over the operation and learning to walk on my new hip , let's hope the left hip is ok because I would not like to go through this again.

Before going in hospital I got down to 9mg of pred but in hospital they put me back to 15mg so starting again .

I now see a rheumatologist at bath rhumatology hospital and he wanted me to go on methertrixate , but with all that has been going on with my hip that has not happened yet.

How is Penny? Do you still see her?

I bought myself a caravan in sand bay over the road from the beach it is wonderful and live in it full time .

My husband comes to visit and brings our granddaughter with him , we are still mates, I get my jobs ready for when he comes down ,like cleaning the caravan and the windows.


Hi Lynabelle. Good that you've taken that first step of being in contact again. Many folk here to encourage and support you along your journey I have found. Do hope you get appointment for hip replacement soon and like others have heard what a wonderful difference that can make. Continue to keep us posted. Best wishes Jackie x


Hi lynabelle, so sorry you are in so much pain..........I had a hip replacement in 2015 and the relief from the pain is so great. Unfortunately for me, it was done for pain relief only as I have other conditions which restrict my mobility, so I didn't get to be a spring lamb really. I just felt like one!


I must admit that since having it done it has changed my mindset so much, I feel livelier ,and looking forward with optimism now, if I can start walking ,I can loose all this excess weight , and hopefully my diabities will be better , it has just been one thing after another , and I realise that after 4 years it's not over yet , but onward and upward I refuse to let it get me down x


This time last tear I felt just like you, immobile and frustrated and depressed. Fortunately I had my new hip in August. There were some problems with PMR flare ups but since the beginning of January it has settled down. Still on 10 mg but reducing to 9 this week.

There is light at the end of the tunnel I am now out and about most days, enjoying life once more. But I do pace myself and rest when I feel like it.

Hope you soon feel better.


Thank you so much ,I hope to be that person out and about walking with my dogs ,I can't wait


Hip all done and one week into recovery , I am walking and weight baring on 2 sticks and can't wait to get back to some form of normality .

5 more weeks to go before I can drive again and I can't wait !

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I found that recovery speeded up for me around the third week post-op. Glad to know that you are on the mend and a good job done!


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