Just keeping going

It is so interesting hearing other people's problems. I had an MRI scan yesterday to see if the right leg is going the same as the left one (steel rod inserted for fracture caused by AA). I also have painful shoulders treated now by osteopathy. We think the bisphonates stay in the system for some time which is annoying. It does not help that I have glaucoma, lymphodemia slight asthma etc. But my philosophy is to keep on smiling. Thank goodness for a sense of humour. I must say all the staff at my doctors and the local hospital plus the ancillary premises for X-rays, bone clinics etc are wonderful, very kind and caring. We are very fortunate here in our town.

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  • A woman after my own heart - sense of humour gets you through the most difficult of times! I know- been there!

    Take care, and keep smiling😀

  • My gosh you really have been through the wars. They say that one's positive attitude to life helps a lot after an operation and can improve the healing process. As they say it is all in the mind!!

  • Where is your town? So we can all move there.

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