Food cravings

I am constantly starving- assume it's to do with the steroids- especially in the evenings/ nights when I'm awake.- I am also an insomniac. I am so conscious that I could eat 24/7.

Any tips about how NOT to eat gratefully received- tried sipping water but somehow it's not the same. Newly diagnosed and understand PRR will be hanging around for a while- so being careful with weight management seems a good idea. If only I didn't feel so hungry!!!

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  • Sipping water isn't enough - you need the full glass to fill you up!

    I was able to lose weight (36lbs) even while still on pred by cutting carbs drastically. It wasn't fast - but it worked. Others have done same with success - many have avoided the weight gain in the first place.

    Keeping crunchy low calorie snacks in the fridge helps some people - chunks of cucumber have next to no calories or carb and are satisfyingly crunchy. But I find that when I keep my food to predominantly protein and fat with very low carb content I don't get so hungry. It is swings in blood sugar levels that trigger the cravings and if you don't eat sugar and simple carbs the swings don't occur as much.

    It doesn't help to substitute sweeteners for sugar - your body expects the sugar rush when it experiences something sweet and so sheds insulin to deal with the expected increase in blood sugar. There isn't any - so there is excess insulin which reduces your blood sugar even more and triggers the desire for foot. This excess insulin also causes fat to be deposited, especially on midriff back of the neck and face.

  • Jude, in my early days on 40mg for PMR and GCA, I found it stemmed the hunger pangs if I divided my meals into four or five a day. For instance, mid-morning I would usually have a helping of whatever meal we had the evening before - left-over casserole, home-made, soup etc. I found I could then have my lunch a little later than normal which meant not too long to my next evening meal. Difficult, I know, especially when the steroids make us feel so ravenous but we want to avoid the increased weight side effect. Stick to as many anti-inflammatory foods that you can find and avoid those known to be inflammatory and those that are processed - the salt from the latter will add to the weight gain by way of fluid retention. Reducing refined carbs will also help.

  • You do have to be careful that you don't eat more by eating more often though! Same amount of food divided into small bites - and be good!!!!!

  • Exactly! And a very special daily treat: a square (or 2!) of very dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids). Best news: it's anti-inflammatory!

  • Even better paired with a small glass of red wine - also anti-inflammatory!

  • I bet it isn't a "small" one!! Like my chocolate hasn't been just 1 or 2 squares just recently!

  • Obviously a different sort of New year resolution!

  • A strong dose of Mr Will Power needed!

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