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When I first came on to this site I explained how the Prednisone affected my teeth and I lost all my uppers. I had an extraction a few months ago and had bone chips etc leaving the area. Now I have jaw bone exposed and have an appointment with oral surgeon to see what can be done. I am doing dead slow wean and down to 17mg. Moving to 16 soon.......I will speak with surgeon about the steroid and see what I can do.........I am beginning to feel quite helpless against this drug..):

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Are you taking Alendronic Acid as well as the pred?




After I started pred I noticed my teeth seemed to move slightly and become more crooked, and also much more sensitive (they were already a bit sensitive). Was told the tooth movement was something that often happened with age. So that seems to have stopped as my pred dose dropped, and my bone density improved. But I'm now scheduled to have several teeth repaired as the roots are becoming exposed and apparently I've been brushing them away. No AA, just pred. :( And age too, I suppose.


Very sorry to hear about your teeth problems. My daughter- in- law got loose teeth from smoking. She gave it up to try and save them.

Do you take anything for your bones?

I eat lots of thick Greek yogurt, in the hope of it helping bones and teeth. I have been having two dessertspoons in the morning with 1/4 cup rolled oats porridge along with a small amount of fruit and maple syrup with a small sprinkling of LSA. Another two spoonfuls for dessert with some fruit , then another spoonful at bedtime with B P meds. So far teeth/ bones okay.

I think with medication there is always side effects. Unfortunately prednisone can have some not so nice.

I hope it all settles down for you and 2017 is a better year. All the best with your visit with the oral surgeon.


thank you I go tommorow


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