Gall bladder polyps

Hi all, after complaining of stitch like pain in left side under rib and going round to my back, I was given an ultra sound. They have discovered I have a polyp on my Gall Bladder ( which is on right side ) and my GP has reffered me to a surgeon. I am hoping I won't have to have surgery. Wondering if the Prednisolone has contributed to this.

Having bone scan tomorrow. Going to see another specialist to see if they can find out what this niggley pain in left side is. Also when I went to see the Physio she discovered a small swelling on my back, GP thinks it is a Lipoma so having an US for that too.

Rheumatologist didn't really tell me anything I didn't know she suggested taking other medication if my reducing Pred is not successful but this can sometimes damage your Liver. I have to see her again in November. I have reduced to 7mg of Pred this week and not feeling too bad, just worried about everything else !! Shoot me now !

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  • I can understand you worrying about the problems other than the PMR. Coping with PMR and pred is bad enough. I have read that pred can in a small number of cases cause gallbladder polyps, of course it may not have done in your case. If your polyp is very small they should just leave it. At least you are getting things checked out fairly soon.

    I assume your rheumie wants you to take Methotrexate to help with the pred reduction?

  • Hi Piglette, yes my GP has been very thorough and all appointments are in place. Funny thing is I have no pain on my right side and without the ultra sound would not have know. The Rheumie mentioned a couple of things to help reduce, but I think I would rather just take the Pred if possible and not have to start taking something else too. Thanks for your reply, I tend to overthink things and worry too much.

  • I think we all worry, it is inevitable. If you had no pain the polyp is probably pretty small I would have thought.

    Rheumies seem obsessed with reducing pred and are quite happy to add all sorts of other drugs with more side effects. I think I feel the same as you do. I have a very high ESR but a normal CRP, I am seeing a new rheumie in September who I am sure will want me on something to help reduce the pred.

  • Hello Jules, yes I have polyps on my gallbladder too. Pre diagnosis of PMR when my then GP "didn't for the life of her know what could be wrong with me" sent me for an ultrasound just to be on the safe side and 1 polyp was discovered plus a non alcoholic fatty liver. If I remember rightly the polyp was about 6mm in size. My next GP wrote to a specialist regarding this polyp and the specialist replied that I should be untra sounded every 2 years and whilst the polyp remains less than 1 cm in size not to worry. Since PMR symptoms and diagniosis I have on and off suffered from thudding like aches and pains on my right side where my liver is. This worries me given the non alcoholic fatty liver diagnosis plus my GGT levels have always been consistently high. (Normal 5-35iu/L, mine never less then 250iu/L and on some occasions well into the high 300's). This new year this pain was so bad and constant for about 2 weeks so my GP ordered another ultra sound which worked out to be only a 1 year after the first one. I now have 2 polyps, both about 3mm in size so the 6mm one has actually shrunk, which is almost unheard of? And I no longer have a fatty liver???? Of course my GP was thrilled about the cleared up fatty liver, ( I am on a diet and have a good diet) and of the polyps has simply reiterated that I'll continue with the 2 yearly checks. but, I still have the liver pains and high GGT levels, so dispite all the good news I still worry about my liver and gallbladder. I was diagnosed in December 2013 and am currently down to 4.5mgs preds. I follow a type of dsas method of reduction and will not reduce quicker, although to be fair both my rheumy and GP are more than happy with my progress. I hope that my story has eased any worry you may have. All the best, tina

  • Hi Tina, I have niggle pains on left side and around to back which most times feels muscular, they will check its not to do with tummy. I have no pain on right side at all. Not sure if polyps have to be over 10cm to be removed ? thank you for your reply. Jules

  • Jules, I was told, 10mm = 1cm for removal, well so says my GP. They may want to top and tail you too to rule out anything. Are you taking Omeprazole? that can sometimes cause stomach pains. I stopped taking it and take my tablets with yogurt. Regards, Tina

  • Hi Tina, I have stopped taking Omeprazole. What is top and tail ? J

  • 'Scopes from both ends maybe????

  • Top is down your gullet into your stomach and tail is colonoscopy up your bottom to look at your large bowels. When I had mine I opted for sedation, so although I was awake and could remember everything I actually can't remember anything!!! I am overweight, although I am actually losing weight slowly, I am still over weight and my GP said that maybe my pain was caused by how I sit down in the evenings on the sofa...., I scrunch my front up which could cause my insides to be all scrunched up too? Just a thought! Regards, tina

  • Thanks Tina, sorry I asked now ! J

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