My poor brain ;(

I was really feeling on top of everything mentally the other night so I sat down to write checks and make a bank deposit. I was thinking how nice it was to be without the brain fog that sometimes seems to follow me everywhere. I go to the bank the next day, hand over my deposit and it is filled with all kinds of notes and business cards that I had on my desk. Yikes,! How in the world did all that mess get in my bank envelop? I felt like a little old lady of 100. And that was on a good day! It's kind of scary to wonder what my brain function usually is and I'm an administrator at work. Others have similar experiences?

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  • Yep!

    Trouble is, now I'm off Pred, don't know what to blame!

  • Yes, frequently - only this morning I spooned my muesli into my teacup before I realised it should be in my cereal bowl!! And taking antibiotics for the last week - 4 times a day in divided doses taking one every six hours - at the same time being told to double my BP medication, taking half in the morning and the other half at night, totally addled my poor brain. Oh, and, having been off steroids for the last 4 years, like DL I know not what to blame.......other than good old Anno Domini!

  • Didn't want to admit to that - we all know we're spring chickens really.🐣🐣🐣🐥🐥🐥

  • Hear! Hear! DL! I'm probably too honest for my own good, but then I do have to admit to being a bit longer in the tooth than you! But, yes, still a spring chicken, well at heart anyway!

  • Really, I have a biggie next year! But what's in a number.

  • Quite! My lovely, recently-departed 90-year-old aunt used to say "age is just a number".

    Ooh do let us know what date so that we can brighten up the forum on your special day with congratulatory greetings.

  • 4th April! And very typical Arian I'm afraid!

  • My Mum was on the 3rd - another typical Arian......and I loved her to bits!

  • Oh I'm the 6th and I love my Spring birthday!

  • Am same age as you. DL, but mine is on 4 Feb. Can't be with SA family, and am not 1 for quiet birthdays, but as not fully recovered, may have to be low=key then........... woe is me.....

  • Sure you'll still enjoy it!

  • Speaking of tea...please tell me how to make a good cup of tea and what brand/flavor to get. Thanks

  • Heat the teapot before putting in the tea/tea bag or it will not brew (infuse) Milk in first or milk in after is scientifically proven to make a difference to the taste, I prefer milk first. I only drink tea, i.e. not coffer, not cold rinks, not wine, fizzy drinks so as you can imagine I've a reputation for being a total bore on this subject. Tea shops that shut at teatime is one grump The actual choice of tea brand is mainly personal taste. English breakfast is usually a safe choice when out and about. I like strong tea but each to his own. The first of the following songs describes my day:

    Can't seem to find a video which isn't a compilation

  • For us Philistines for whom tea is a drink - I use Tetley teabags, we never warm our pot (but it is not a pot pot, it's Picquot ware so is fine not heated like most metal teapots) but OH is insistent it must brew for 5 mins. And MIF - it does taste different...

    Why Tetley t-bags? Because they work in all sorts of water, hard, soft, all over the world to make a decent cup of tea!

  • What's a check?????? I don't think I could even write one out these days! Haven't had a chequebook since we lived here...

  • Hello bunnymom

    I dont know how old you are, but I blame half of the foggy brain on my age, [ 72 ] and the other half on pred. And having a urine infection this past week didn't help, thank God I didn't have family visiting over the Christmas as I don't think I could have coped, I went to my daughters in Epsom and was waited on for a change. I went to get money from the hole in the wall, and swore I was "short changed" I went into the bank to get it sorted, they counted it in front of me and it was all there, very embarrassing .

  • Who tried to put washing in dishwasher , not me thank heaven I was alone

  • I spent a good few minutes absent- mindedly groping to find the hidden buttonholes and do up the buttons of my coat only to realise I was not wearing it.

  • That's encouraging!

  • Good to know I'm not alone...sigh...

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