Family Christmas Eve

Family Christmas Eve

Since my children were babies we always celebrated Christmas Eve with my siblings and their children at my parents home. We all dressed up, boots, sweater dresses lovely holiday garb. We always brought matching pajamas for our children. We no longer live in the same state however, we all wear flannel pajamas of wonderful Christmas patterns. This now includes my Grandchildren. Pic of My adult daughter. Having said all this my body is in screaming pain......pain level 8 easily, with ten being the worst...have a temp of 103 and my legs are burning. I am so fatigued going to the potty is sapping my energy. Have been reducing prednisone for 3 weeks. Was 30mg now 27mg IS THIS NORMAL WHEN REDUCING OR HAVE I HIT A BRICK WALL???

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  • If you have a raised temperature I think it FAR more likely you have an infection of some sort! And that will make EVERYTHING about PMR and GCA feel far worse!

    Time to make use of those jammies and go to bed! I know it's Christmas but you NEED to give your body a chance to rest and heal.

    I have a wheezing miserable husband here - spent a couple of hours in the doctor's waiting room and has caught a cold which has (as usual) gone straight to his chest. It wasn't even our usual GP nor was he ill then - he was applying for his driving licence!

  • Sorry to hear sneaks in doesn't it...then POW!! Advice taken absolutely no energy to do much. Updates on hubby as he progresses.

  • We usually go for a pizza on Christmas Day - it has become a tradition - but I may just have Christmas pud, brandy butter and a mince pie at home - he won't eat anything so it isn't worth paying good money! Calories is calories...

  • Well sounds like a good tradition. But...postpone until New Years, he will feel better, I am certain.

  • Sounds like a trip to the doctor. A fever sounds like something else is brewing. Is there a walk in clinic/urgent care that might be open?

  • Nancy, PMRpro has said it all, but I just wanted to add please don't think about further reductions until you have completely recovered from whatever virus/infection you are harbouring. Get well soon - meanwhile make the most of those Christmas PJs!

  • Took advice...slept almost all day. Have no energy and my his hurt. Took to Tramadol and slept some more. Does relief ever happen?

  • PMR PROHIBITED how is hubby??

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