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I am so grateful for the forum I am a 72 year old (soon to be 73) no one except for my GP has ever heard of PMR so when I tell them i am on steroids (12 1/2 mg at the moment) they grab the top of my arm supposedly to feel my muscles PAINFUL!! I know they dont mean any harm but it HURTS. I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy new year. and thanks again for all the info.

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Put your hands out in a back off pose before you say it! I also like " I would never take that. Do you know how bad it is for you?" To which I reply "would you like to hear how life is without it?" Then baffle them by telling them we're lucky, there are worse diseases out there.


The last person to try that with me got their face slapped. Sheer reaction, but at least most people stand well back from me now.


Happy Christmas 🎄

Wishing you Good Health for 2017 🍾


Hello Eggy - well, you're lucky that your GP at least, had heard of PMR - mine sent me away on 'hospital crawl' to find an X-ray dept......! It's interesting when you try to describe PMR to others - when you get to the Rheum.... bit, they usually say 'oh, my granddad gets that when the weather gets damp' - nooo, it ain't like that!!

Well, try & have a good Christmas - all the best for the coming year!


My daughter's mother in law said to me that her mother had PMR but would never take steroids, as if it was a matter of will power!

I am right in thinking that the inflammation can cause damage if it is not controlled aren't I?


You are quite right about inflammation being able to cause long term damage - it increases the risk of various forms of cardiovascular disease and even some cancers.

Now, my daughter's MIL is about the same age as me. My mother would now be well in her 90s. If she had had PMR in her 50s/60s - I somehow doubt she would have been offered steroids to refuse.

I've done the "PMR without steroids" (not from choice) - steroids have their downsides but they aren't as bad as the downsides of PMR. I think I am qualified to say THAT!!!!!!!


Ammunition for Christmas Day! Peace and Goodwill and all that. 😁🎄


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