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Locked out of the site


One of my totally harmless posts was reported as scam so I have been locked out for over a week. On Friday, my Rheumatologist who I have had since April 2014 when I was first diagnosed with GCA, emailed to say she was moving on and I wouldn't be seeing her. I felt doubly bereft, lost my friends and now this.

However the wonderful Laura on the site has got me back in and I am in contact again.

Best wishes to everyone

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Can't rely on anything these days can you! Hopefully her replacement will be equally as good and nice.

What on earth did you say!!!!


That's the problem. I was reading about friends who had had cataracts removed while on high dose steroids as I need mine doing and thanking one of them for being reassuring, that was all. Totally harmless !


How bizarre!

I reported a post a bit back on another forum because it needed to be attended to by the paid experts on the forum not just left to other members - and I got a very "I think you got it wrong" email from the HU people. So I replied and pointed out I had said it needed urgent and competent advice - and they apologised profusely. Why don't people read what is reported first????


Yes it was bizarre and if it has be read it was clearly innocent

I do think it is important that we are protected from mis information which could be potentially dangerous. I am very careful to only post about my own experience because that is my only expertise in this situation. The rest has to be from professionals


Welcome back x


Thank you. It was not good to feel so alone. I knew how much I appreciated just looking at the Forum for information on quite trivial things, it has been so reassuring and was quite scary to have no where to go. We are so lucky

Have a good day


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