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Advice please!

I was intrigued by MrsNails post re PMR versus cancer. Most people I know round where I live are aware that I was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, and they keep asking me how I am! Well, apart from the dreaded hot flushes associated with the hormone treatment I am on, I am absolutely fine, with no problems at all as yet.

BUT the PMR is still causing me grief some two years down the line. I have a feeling I should be upping my preds from 7.5. After nearly two years almost all the pain has gone now from the back of both thighs, and from the top of my left arm. I wish I could say the same about my right arm, where the first PMR pains started, and where it is distinctly uncomfortable to get my arm behind my back.

It is just about liveable with, but I did increase a week ago from 6.5 to 7.5 without any improvement. So, what to do now? Try 9mg, or wait a bit longer to see if it improves? Also, would I expect the place where the PMR first started to be the last to clear?

Any advice welcome please.


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Is it JUST the PMR? Are you sure there isn't another muscular problem going on as well? I have myofascial pain syndrome which, when bad, makes my back muscles hard and tight and even go into spasm. This radiates into my upper arms as well.

Have you access to a Bowen therapist? Or a good sports physiotherapist? Bowen helped me a lot - but sports physios have a rather different view from the average physio in the NHS.



Are you sure it's not your beloved trying to get you to do something you don't want to do!

On a more serious note, as PMRpro says I should be looking at other things rather than PMR - we are apt to blame that or GCA for every ache or pain, and sometimes it's not.

If you're right handed you may have damaged the muscles in your arm without realising it.

Try some other therapy, and don't increase the Pred without good cause, it's taken you time and effort to get where you are, so don't undo that good work and use it as a painkiller - use a recognised painkiller, even Ibuprofen sparingly, if necessary. That way, if you get some relief you'll know it's not PMR.


Many, many thanks to DorsetLady and PMRpro for your quick replies.

Yes, I did visit my physio a while ago, as I thought the same as you suggest, but she couldn't find anything specific. All I know is that the pain is not "joint", but definitely muscle related. You rightly sense that I do not wish to increase unless I really, really to. The pain is almost identical to how it was when first diagnosed.

Anyway, following your advice I will stay where. I am with the pred, and will sparingly try some ibuprofen and see what that brings.

I have a shiatsu session booked for Thursday, so will ask him to

carry out some acupuncture treatment, as this has tended to help somewhat over th past couple of years.

Thanks again.

PS: Not my beloved this time, although she does often ask me to do things I don't want to do!!

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I have pain in my upper arm that stems from the back muscle problems - and in the past both physios and an orthopaedic specialist doctor didn't recognise it! Interesting that you say acupuncture helps - because a similar western technique of needling (intramuscular stimulation) definitely helps mine.


Ahhh"...such is life!


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